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Spritzen Christmas Wreath

December 14, 2012
I love this buttery melt in the mouth,  Spritzen Christmas Wreath while   doing my Happy Dance..

Strawberry and Basil Ice-Cream

December 07, 2012
Delicious fruit and herb ice-cream, try this Strawberry and Basil Ice-cream recipe

Chai Kwe / Chives Parcels

November 27, 2012
Homemade traditional Chai Kwe / Chives Parcels recipe. Savoury bites goes well with sweet chilli sauce. From my Perspective.. . I have been waiting and pictured this 'Day'... ever since my son was in Year 1 ... of how life would be... when he reached the end of his 'Schooling' days...

Soy Pannacotta with Rhubarb Ginger Compote

November 16, 2012
I love soy milk and I love rhubarb, hence the combination of the two : Soy Pannacotta with Rhubarb ginger compote

Lisa's Guest Post #2 ~ Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken / Ayam Penyet

November 02, 2012
Indonesia I am honoured to have the talented Tika Hapsari Nilmada of Cemplang Cemplung  to be my guest and she will show case Indonesian dish called Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken / Ayam Penyet.


October 26, 2012
Do you know where to get the best Gozleme in Perth?

Oreo Peanut Butter Pie

October 12, 2012
Oreo Peanut Butter Pie will definitely finds its way to your heart :P

Lavender Cookies

September 28, 2012
I would love to showcase my garden springing back to life this Spring...

Mulligatawny Soup

September 21, 2012
Heard of Mulligatawny Soup?

Guest Post 5: La Kitchen and Butter Chicken

September 11, 2012
It's my turn to Showcase my kitchen in 'Ribbon and Circus' monthly 'La Kitchen'...

Iced Kalamansi Tea

September 04, 2012
Iced Kalamansi Tea

Putu Kacang / Mung Beans Cookies

August 14, 2012
Putu Kacang or Mung Beans Cookie s is one of my 'Must Indulge' cookies...  I love traditional cookies.

Abok-Abok / Glutinous Rice Cakes

August 03, 2012
It has been years since I last had these... almost 35 years!!!

Kashmiri Cashew Chicken

July 18, 2012
I would like to give everyone a BIG BEAR HUGS   and THANK YOU s for your tremendous valuable support... 

Cardamom Tea

July 03, 2012
" Do come in, please have a sit and I'll make you a cup of will calm your nerve s"... said Mr Sayeed, as he ushered us into his living room.

Wong Bok/ Napa Cabbage Parcels

June 22, 2012
The temperature plummeted to 3C and 2C on 2 consecutive mornings.

Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry

May 08, 2012
Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry This Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry post was scheduled to be "Published' last week, but BLOGGER decided to play up. 

Irish Stew and Irish Soda Bread

April 13, 2012
Me: Sweetie... since you are going to Ireland, shall we try some Irish food at home? E : oh OK... by the way what do you have in mind? Me: Perhaps Irish Stew served with either Colcannon or Champs... E : and what's in the Irish Stew? Me: Lamb's neck with lots of vegetable like swede, potatoes, carrots, peas... etc etc etc E : Lamb's neck?...errr... Its OK mom... you can enjoy Irish Stew when I am not around

Red Beans Ice~Cream

April 05, 2012
  short post... continuation from previous Sweetcorn Ice-cream  post  The weather is cooling off... the leaves are changing into shades of yellow and soon will be brown... grey dark clouds looking heavy and about to burst... and less sun shiny days... Its a sure sign of Autumn... and I am HAPPY...   Autumn in Perth ~ is very mild... compared to Eastern States or countries in the Northern hemisphere... I could still indulge in ice-cream...  without shivers running through my spine I chose to make red beans of many favourite flavours among Malaysians... Other flavours would be Sweetcorn, Durian and Jackfruit. My all time favourite would be all of the above except for durian... I wasn't very keen on Durian or any durian flavours food eversince I was knocked out by XO durian... I had migraine for 2 days ...  Red beans with coconut milk... combine the 2 together...  ... beautiful flavours..  and I can assure you that one popsicle will no

Sweetcorn Ice~Cream

March 29, 2012
 Remember that Ice-cream man that went round the kampung (village) on his 3 wheeler, lugging his mobile freezer with him? Do you remember how ice-cream was served in those days? And do you still remember how many varieties were there, in his freezer? Was Sweetcorn Ice-cream, one of your favourites? 

Chocolate Fudge Ice-Cream

March 21, 2012
Rich, creamy delicious in every scoop of this chocolate fudge ice-cream Our routine has gone haywire eversince we decided to put our house, up for sale in late November last year. There were so much work involved... moving belongings and  furnitures, selling old furnitures, cleaning, vacumming, scrubbing and weeding from top to bottom, inside and outside, week in week out... until the house is sold... all that 'exercise' has left us exhausted... physically and mentally. Finally.. that chapter is over.. I can take a long deep breath, drawing in as much oxygen    as my lungs could take. Its nice to wake up to a less stressful mornings, not having to think about 'things' that needed immediate attention like lawn needed mowing, lawn is not 'green' enough, leaves strewn everywhere... this and that not working and bla bla bla... We wanted the new owner (whoever it might be...) to move in and have the same 'warm feeling' as we did when we fir

Guest Post #4 ~ Kuih Spera

March 10, 2012
I was so thrilled when I received Pepy’s invite to be her guest post late last year, however due to my tight schedule I was unable to fulfill my part of the bargain immediately. 3 months later and here I am… Thank you Pepy for the invite and my big Thank you, hugs and kisses for being so patience and understanding… I invite you to Pepy's  Indonesia Eats , to read the rest of my post. and while you are there... do check out her mouthwatering Indonesian cuisine... Enjoy ... Kuih Spera Ingredients Filling 150g shredded dried coconut 40g dried shrimps 150g shallots 10 pcs dried chillies ½ tablespoon coriander seeds ½ teaspoon fennel seeds ½ teaspoon cumin ¼ teaspoon turmeric 10g galangal 2 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoon of coconut cream ½ to 1 cup of water* Dough 500g plain flour ½ tablespoon salt 95g margarine ~melts 1 egg 250ml cold water Oil for deep frying Filling: 1. Blend chilies, spices, shallots, dried shrimps into a paste.

Watermelon and Lemongrass Sorbet

February 28, 2012
My son has just turned 17...

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

February 16, 2012
Smooth and silky Chicken Sweetcorn Soup A definite all time comfort food. It is easy to whip up using either left over roast chicken or fresh chicken.

Old Schoolyard ~ Cat Steven ~ Icy-Balls

February 09, 2012
“ Remember the days of the old schoolyard We used to laugh a lot, oh don't you Remember the days of the old schoolyard When we had imaginings and we had All kinds of things and we laughed And needed love... yes, I do Oh and I remember you Remember the days of the old schoolyard We used to cry a lot, oh don't you Remember the days of the old schoolyard When we had simplicity and we had Warm toast for tea and we laughed And needed love.. yes, I do Oh and I remember you ” ~ Cat Steven The radio was playing 'Remember the days of the Old Schoolyard' by Cat Steven ,  on the first day of schools!!! As I was driving, smiling and humming to the tunes... I recalled sweet memories...  driver on my right must be thinking... 'who let this  MAD lady behind the wheel' early Wednesday morning!!! The good old days...  The 'free spirited' days... with no care of whatsoever happening to the world. I remembered my first best friend in Kinderg

Lemon Curd and Strawberry Swirls Cheesecake

February 01, 2012
How was your Chinese New Year Celebration?  'Chow-ing down' loads and loads of festive food? And for the Young and Restless and Single ~ received many red packets (known as Ang Pows )? Ours was a quiet family affair... with lots of food that can last us the 'whole year' so to speak . We had Steamboat, Crispy fried Wonton, Sang Choy Bow and Lor Ark or Chinese Braised Duck... Oh Boy!! we were like whales about to give birth by the end of the day... Sleep or Siesta was never far from my mind... It was very ... very ... very difficult keeping my eyes open... I would have to use tooth pick to hold the eyelids from 'Shutting'... Dont be alarmed... I wasn't going to do that  ...and if I did I would have missed this gorgeous sunset... The last sunset, marking the end of the Year of the Rabbit...  see the glowing Rabbit's tail bobbing down the horizon? With the Rabbit gone... I wanted to complete the picture by welcoming the Dragon ... early

Dried Fruits, Seeds and Nuts 'Energy' Balls

January 19, 2012
Helloooo my Lovelies.... I am back in Blogging World. And I hope it is not too late to wish everyone a Happy 2012...