Iced Kalamansi Tea

September 04, 2012

teh o ais limau

Iced Kalamansi Tea
Officially Spring is here...
The sun is rising earlier and earlier by the day. I could see blooms everywhere I turned my head, along the path as I head out for my  morning walk. Birds chirping merrily and at times I spotted bunnies coming out of their burrows...

life is wonderful.  

I keep telling myself that I must bring my DSLR along every time I put on my walking shoes, to capture the moment, to capture the flying seagulls or even a click or two of the cute rabbits hopping around...
My biggest challenge, I set myself would be ~ to 'freeze' the rolling waves...


Before I could attempt the big waves... I have to get to know my camera experimenting with Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO by making waves in a glass...Splish  Splash ...
I am a novice in photography and has heaps to learn about the 3 modes ~'A', 'M' and 'S', how to co-relate the 3 modes to lights, ISO and exposure.

Camera Canon T50

My first love was SLR Canon T50, purchased in the mid-80's... In the beginning (during my 'getting-to-know' my camera period), I burnt many rolls of film, and a big hole in my pocket too... to process the film and only to find out that most of the photos were blurry and out of focus.

Canon T50 had only one mode ~ P mode ... Aperture was done manually by rotating the lens. It was great fun to have. I took numerous photos of my gallivanting days and many happy baby photos of my son... until one day Mr Canon T50 just could not cope with Malaysian humidity. It started to have fungi.. mouldy, its demise was imminent...

Juggling between  a career, a toddler and a baby... Point and Shoot camera was the next best thing... (oh  yeah, I had a Polaroid too...)
And it was late 2010, I was ecstatic as my hands could wrapped around another DSLR... I chose Nikon...and named it aNDy ..

Nikon D7000 aperture and shutter speed.

At the start of this year... I made a resolution to move away from 'Aperture' mode and start clicking in 'M' mode... and I am glad I did.

Last week... I was again playing with aNDy (hence delayed in posting any post... oopsie sorry)... I set my Aperture to f 2.8, varies Shutter speed and ISO... hence the result above...
Am I ready to take the big Waves Challenge?

Iced Kalamansi Tea

errr... Not yet... I drove by the beach side this morning,  to check the place out... the photo above was what greeted me.. and the strong wind nearly pushed me backwards. I dont think my aNDy could take the shock...

Easy Iced Kalamansi Tea recipe.

Let me build up my courage by making more waves in a glass... and at the same time sipping away my Iced Kalamansi tea...

Iced Kalamansi Tea Recipe ( make 2)

2 bags of black tea (or any fruity tea)
4 Kalamansi
  1. Steep teabags in 1 cup boiling water for 2 minutes. 
  2. Stir in sugar until dissolve. 
  3. Add in 1 cup of cooled boil water. 
  4. Halved Kalamansi and squeeze the juice into the tea. 
  5. Pour into tall glass filled with ice. 


  1. Beautiful shots! Sometimes the amateur can turn out to be professional too! It is hot here and this Kalamansi ice is the one for me now!!

  2. Hi Lisa, yuuhhuuuu... pass me 1 glass of the tea, please!! Super hot over here and this is what I need right now. LOL

    Love you pictures, excellent click. Especially the splash.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  3. Lovely shots! Happy to know that you are feeling more confident with your DSLR...

    That drink looks amazing and so refreshing! Great splashy shots.



  4. Great clicks, Lisa.
    Love that delightful iced tea!

  5. I miss kalamansi limes. Haven't seen them here. Love your photos - all that splashing paid off!

  6. The next camera i going to get one is Canon DSLR or their latest product EOS M. The "M" mode of my current camera Canon G11 already broken, now i can only depend on "P" and "Auto", hehehe..This drink sound so refreshing!

  7. hi lisa.. thanks for dropping by my blog ^^


    that's exactly what I felt and wanted to leave on your comment space after reading your post earlier (but too shy ^^||).. your splashy pics are absolutely gorgeous! can't wait for more! ^^

  8. Hi, I often visit your blog and I am in the shock because I was thinking you are using the full frame. Which one Nikon does such pictures? ;) ? Greetings

  9. Isn't is fun experimenting with splash shots :) I am a tea drinker and this looks refreshing!

  10. Mel
    Thank you Mel... I miss having Kalamansi with Asam boi.. it is yum... :)

  11. Amelia
    Sure can... ;P
    Hot? Drink plenty of air limau :)

  12. Rosa
    Thanks Rosa, I am still fumbling but I have overcome my fear of shooting in 'M' :)

  13. WokandSpoon
    I was lucky to be given a small bag full by a lady who owns a restaurant in the city.. :D

  14. Sonia
    Best of Luck... and I am sure you will enjoy your next purchase very much :D

  15. hui
    Thank you Hui for commenting...
    Dont be shy la :D, I promise I dont bite :D

  16. Hiya Daria
    I hope one day, I'll be able play and click away using full frame but for the moment... I am enjoying my D7000 :D

  17. Kankana
    Oh yes it was fun making waves :)
    Just wish someone would clean the mess afterwards :(

  18. Gorgeous splash photos!
    thank goodness I only saw this photos today not yesterday when the weather was very warm...
    I only use the M mode because I dont know how to use the A mode but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

  19. You seriously take amazing shots and it seems so "effortless" too! I am sure you worked hard to get to where you are, but must be a talent too! ;) I enjoy every chance I have to see your photography!

  20. Lemongrass
    Thank you :D
    M stands for 'mystery'... hehehe...must berguru with you :)

  21. Nami,
    aawww thank you Nami, you words are encouraging :)
    I must not procrastinate....must overcome my fear n freeze the rolling waves ;)

  22. give my warm regard to beloved aNdy :). we are in the same line then. I used "M" mood since the very beginning I clicked my camera:). And those pictures (splash) were a nice try .

  23. Wow! that is a great photo and a good splash of calamansi. Great color of a recipe! I'll be sharing this link soon with my friends in my Calamansi Plant page