Strawberry and Basil Ice-Cream

Strawberry and Basil Ice-cream

Delicious fruit and herb ice-cream, try this Strawberry and Basil Ice-cream recipe

Strawberry Ice-cream recipe.

I made this batch of strawberry and basil ice-cream sometimes in late October, when strawberries were abundance and at a bargain ... yeah... I know I am getting slow in posting lately... I blamed it on my lack of discipline... 
When asked 'What are you going to do with all these strawberries...?' I went 'errmmm...' 
I had over 6 kgs of strawberries... shocking!!!surprise
many lovely dishes crossed my mind... but ice-cream ... yum... who can  resist ice-cream?

So I gathered all the ingredients needed to churn some delicious scrumptious ice-cream... kiddos and H, knew I was making strawberry ice-cream..and that was struck

Basil and strawberries ice-cream

Ice-cream all set .... scooped into individual ice-cream bowls and ready to be served...

H took his first spoonful ... 
"H ~.. Its not only 'strawberry' ice-cream, isn't it?...something else was added... but I can't put my finger to the taste... familiar but...
Me~ keep on tasting... and guessing..."
...and after tasting few more spoonful...well...nearly half of ice-cream dissappeared, he was still clueless waiting
Then D walked in... tasted and had that same look and question as his dad...
" D~ ....dont tell me.... I want to guess "
smiling to myself....feeling 'victorious'...hehehe... they aren't going to get it right...
Last... to waltz into the scene ~ my 'Pwincess...'
"E~ ooh yummo... Ice-cream!!! "
after the first taste...
"E~ nice... yummm... strawberry and BASIL...applause "
 The taste of fresh strawberry with basil are amazing.

....because  "Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything that is nice...", she knew exactly what was in the ice-cream.... hehehe... do better next time BOYS!!!loser

Love and Hugs

Lisa H.xox


Strawberry and Basil Ice-cream Recipe

(adapted from Delicious October 2011)
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550g strawberries – washed and chopped
20g basil leaves
15 ml lemon juice
250ml thickened cream
2/3 castor sugar  plus 2 tablespoon extra
  1. Whisk strawberries, basil and lemon juice until smooth. 
  2. Transfer into a mixing bowl . 
  3. Add cream and sugar. Mix well. 
  4. Transfer the mixture into the ice-cream maker and churn according to manufacturer’s instruction.
  5. Freeze for 2 hours until frozen at the edge or until firm. 
  6. Serve in a cone or cup.


  1. Hi Lisa! That looks awesome - a good reason for me to get an ice-cream maker.

    1. love ice-cream maker...very handy to have one, especially we are heading towards long hot summer :(

  2. Yuhhuuu.... Lisa, I mau 3 scoops boleh? Macam gunung high like that... I sure know how many scoops I want.... LOL

    Lovely pink ice cream.... lapar lah even thou baru makan. LOL

    Have a lovely day ahead,regards.

  3. A delightful ice cream flavor! Your post made me smile...



  4. your daughter must've inherited your palate ^^ strawberry ice-cream any time, any day is always a good idea ^^ best yet if it's homemade!

  5. Strawberry and basil - what a refreshing combination!

  6. Lovely combination! 6 kgs of strawberries! That's really alot!

  7. I love strawberries and basil together. And in ice cream it must be the best combo! My mouth is watering.

  8. What a clever combination ! and a clever daughter ! Distinguished palate in training ;-)

  9. Looks really good!! I will not hesitate to help myself! :)

  10. Interesting combo, I am trying to imagine the taste... Basil probably ads some freshness to it. We use mint in ice cream and lemonades all the time, Why not basil? I should try this during the ice cream season (I can't eat ice cream in winter - does not feel right). And the photos are so happy and gorgeous! And good job for your daughter, no wonder she an exquisite palate with mommie being such a wonderful cook :-)

  11. wow 6kg of strawberries is A LOT of strawberries! but love how you combined it together with basil in an icecream! I love it on tarts so i can definitely imagine how delicious it is blended together in a cool treat!

  12. Wow!! What a fantastic combination!! Can't wait till I get back to Europe - and fresh strawberries are in abundance!! Looks soooo delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!