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Meatless Korean Bibimbap

May 28, 2017
Healthy vegetarian version of Korean mixed rice known as Bibimbap Serve with hot and spicy bibimbap sauce. Bibimbap Bowl ~ comfort food in a bowl. What is Bibimbap? It is a Korean dish of vegetables and rice in a bowl. Bibimbap or Bi Bim Bop means "mixed rice". Condiments such as sauteed vegetables and arrays of blanched (perhaps steam veggies) were arranged on top of hot rice in a bowl. Generally, thinly sliced beef, sunny side eggs were served along side vegetables in most Bibimbap bowl. But I chose to not use beef this time! Bibimbap Sauce Recipe Remember, the bibimbap sauce that I blogged, not too long ago? Yeah, we cooked extra, every time and all the time! We use some and freeze the remaining Bibimbap sauce in little containers. Very handy, very convenient... just thaw and use. < Vegetables for Bibimbap Bowls Perhaps one vegetable that Korean may not have in their Bibimbap bowl is bean sprout! and may be roasted pumpkin too!! as

Berries and Maca Powder Smoothies

May 11, 2017
Berries and Maca Powder Smoothies. Summer has gone and I still have some remnants of summer berries in the freezer, it's time to make some smoothies.

Mexican Beef, Bean and Corn Tostada

May 01, 2017
Mexican Beef, Bean and Corn Tostada served in tortilla bowls.