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Cambodian Fish Amok en papillote

January 31, 2016
Cambodian Fish Amok en papillote, a beautiful seafood dish from Cambodia. Its burst with flavours of spice, herbs and tubers. I was going through some old photos in my hard drive, looking for some old photos that I could ' and re-use', that I came across some of our holidays photos in Siem Reap. That was 5 years ago... It was a memorable, especially for my other half, it was his childhood dream to step foot, soaked in ambience and sceneries... to be able to be there in person, standing in front of one of the famous historical monuments/buildings/ architectures in Siem Reap. Click the photo to read my old post :D Always... whenever I flicked through family albums, kids' albums... I get glassy eyed. Wouldn't you? yeah... I know... I am becoming an old bag :( One of the dish that stay fresh in mind, every time I think of our holidays in Siem Reap, close my eyes and I could almost taste its coconut creaminess mixed wit

Pineapple Tarts Recipe

January 23, 2016
These Pineapple tarts or Pineapple cookies are small bite size pastry filled with pineapple jam . 

How to Bake Spinach Feta Ricotta Rolls

January 09, 2016
A quick and easy video on  How to Bake Spinach Feta Ricotta Rolls

Thai Sticky Rice Mango

January 03, 2016
Sticky rice mango is a popular and beloved dessert in Thailand.