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Pecan Pie Cake

April 12, 2013
February 2013 Dear Son, I know this is a bit late to appear on FMLK, but…   On you turning 18, I wanted to have that “Mom-Son” sit down and talk, where I do all the talking and you do the listening. I know that was not going to happen, as you will be there in person and you will be thinking of your next move in your DotA ... not cool  Perhaps 20 years from now, you will be reflecting on what I am about to tell you… and there is zero chance that you might remember, so I ‘penned’ whatever I wanted to say here…. you can read and re-read, whenever you feel like it (if you ever read this  ) Dear Son, You just turned 18… the age where your dad and I ceased to exist in our common law. No one requires ‘Mom or Dad’ signatures on any documents or reports anymore.  No banks, Tax office, University etc will call us, write to us or talk to us. To them, we are HISTORY, someone from your past and not required in the present nor future… Oh I feel sad … so sad 

Wonton Noodles

April 05, 2013
It was early February... the weather was hot and humid. It was one of those typical 'very' hot summer days in Perth. The summer days where I feel like doing nothing... "what shall we have this weekend?" I popped my usual question to H . I wasn't actually 'asking'... it was an indirect request for him to take over 'the stove' for the weekend... "I dont know..." would be his respond every time... ...for some inspirations ~ we'd take out a stack of cookbooks off the shelf, and started to browse...going ~ "This looks good..." "Oh! this looks yummy...." or  "Its been a while since we ate this..." So that particular early February weekend, we had a craving for?.... wonton noodles . Though it was a lengthy and tedious Chinese words ~ 'mah fan' or Malay word ~ 'renyah' ...with chicken pieces require overnight preparation (marinate)... prepare, wrap an