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Sweetcorn Ice~Cream

March 29, 2012
 Remember that Ice-cream man that went round the kampung (village) on his 3 wheeler, lugging his mobile freezer with him? Do you remember how ice-cream was served in those days? And do you still remember how many varieties were there, in his freezer? Was Sweetcorn Ice-cream, one of your favourites? 

Chocolate Fudge Ice-Cream

March 21, 2012
Rich, creamy delicious in every scoop of this chocolate fudge ice-cream Our routine has gone haywire eversince we decided to put our house, up for sale in late November last year. There were so much work involved... moving belongings and  furnitures, selling old furnitures, cleaning, vacumming, scrubbing and weeding from top to bottom, inside and outside, week in week out... until the house is sold... all that 'exercise' has left us exhausted... physically and mentally. Finally.. that chapter is over.. I can take a long deep breath, drawing in as much oxygen    as my lungs could take. Its nice to wake up to a less stressful mornings, not having to think about 'things' that needed immediate attention like lawn needed mowing, lawn is not 'green' enough, leaves strewn everywhere... this and that not working and bla bla bla... We wanted the new owner (whoever it might be...) to move in and have the same 'warm feeling' as we did when we fir

Guest Post #4 ~ Kuih Spera

March 10, 2012
I was so thrilled when I received Pepy’s invite to be her guest post late last year, however due to my tight schedule I was unable to fulfill my part of the bargain immediately. 3 months later and here I am… Thank you Pepy for the invite and my big Thank you, hugs and kisses for being so patience and understanding… I invite you to Pepy's  Indonesia Eats , to read the rest of my post. and while you are there... do check out her mouthwatering Indonesian cuisine... Enjoy ... Kuih Spera Ingredients Filling 150g shredded dried coconut 40g dried shrimps 150g shallots 10 pcs dried chillies ½ tablespoon coriander seeds ½ teaspoon fennel seeds ½ teaspoon cumin ¼ teaspoon turmeric 10g galangal 2 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoon of coconut cream ½ to 1 cup of water* Dough 500g plain flour ½ tablespoon salt 95g margarine ~melts 1 egg 250ml cold water Oil for deep frying Filling: 1. Blend chilies, spices, shallots, dried shrimps into a paste.