I am Lisa, the blogger Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen (formerly From My Lemony Kitchen...)
who lives in the northern suburb of Perth, Australia with my husband of 26 years and blessed with 2 amazing, wonderful and beautiful growing up kiddos ~ 23 year old son and 21 year old daughter.

When I was a young child...
I would rather curled up with a good book than helping my mom in her kitchen. I was not 'domesticated'(who would when I have 3 older sisters to do the chores) until I left home and lived abroad that I picked up the necessary 'kitchen' skills in order to survive.
I traded hard hat, steel-capped boots and scale rule for apron, mittens and spatula ever since calling Australia home.

About the Blog...

From My Lemony Kitchen… was born on the 9th of February 2009. It was initially meant to be a private Food Journal ~ a reflection of my growing up years in Malaysia as well as our lives Down Under.
And a year after.... happy to share my cooking, a snippet of our life, photos, with everyone and unleashed my enthusiasm in cooking Malaysian food, as well as where our "palate" might takes us on its World Food journey.
And since June 2015, its called Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen 

My happy place is …
my Kitchen
A place where my husband, H (who shared my passion for cooking), and I spent most of our waking hours trying out old and new recipes from our collection of recipes from family, friends, books, magazines, internet and other sources.

My hopes…
that one day, when my husband and I ceased to exist, my children, my grand children and their generation beyond will be able to read and reminisce our happy times together  .

Last but not Least..
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Lisa H.

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