About Me

Selamat Datang
means Welcome; that is how we greet our guests in Bahasa Malaysia.

Hi, I am Lisa, the owner, creator, the voice of Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen formerly known as From My Lemony Kitchen!

I was from Malaysia and currently residing in beautiful Perth, Australia with my husband of 31 years.
Both children has left the nest to start their own life journey.

When I was a young child

I was not 'domesticated' (who would when I have 3 older sisters to do the chores).

I would rather curled up with a good book than helping my mom in her kitchen.

Not until I left home and lived abroad that I picked up the necessary 'kitchen' skills in order to survive.

My parents would have been proud of me, if they could see me now, in my kitchen whipping up meals after meals!

I traded hard hat, steel-capped boots and scale rule for apron, mittens and spatula ever since calling Australia home.

About This Blog

I started "From My Lemony Kitchen…" on the 9th of February 2009.

Meant to be a private Food Journal ~ a reflection of my childhood and food that I grew up with in Malaysia.

And a food journal of my family and our lives in Australia!

However, the following year, I gathered enough courage to share my food story, my cooking adventure, a snippet of our life, photos, with everyone!

I started introducing Malaysian food to the world!

And the food I cooked for my little family.

In June 2015, I changed it to Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen.

Why Lemony Kitchen?

I love everything about lemons!

I love the sweet smell of the lemon flowers.

I love looking at those lemon fruits hanging off its branches.

I love the citrusy lemons smell.

I even painted my old kitchen in my old house, a yellow lemon colour!

But that is another story :D.

My kitchen is my happy place

A place where my husband and I spent most of our waking hours in kitchen.

My husband who loves cooking but not baking, would spend most of his weekend in the kitchen too.

We love trying out old and new recipes from our collection of recipes from family, friends, books, magazines, internet and other sources.

We will test and tweaked recipes to our tastebuds.

My Visions

I wish to introduce Malaysian cuisine to the world.

And to share and show, how easy it is to cook Malaysians favourite food at home.

And as a food journal for my children, should they miss 'Mom's cooking' anytime, they will be able to re-create each dish and reminisce our happy times together.

Last but not Least...

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Lisa H.

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