Sweetcorn Ice~Cream

March 29, 2012

Remember that Ice-cream man that went round the kampung (village) on his 3 wheeler, lugging his mobile freezer with him? Do you remember how ice-cream was served in those days? And do you still remember how many varieties were there, in his freezer? Was Sweetcorn Ice-cream, one of your favourites? 

Oh Yes....I remembered very clearly, Mr Ice-cream man...

He would cycle his 3 wheeler around the village with an air horn tied up to his tricycle handle bar. He would blared up the air horn in a rhythmic 'toot...' and at the same time he'd shout out 'Ice-Cream.. Ice-cream... Ice-cream' as he made his 'grand' entrance... It was a melodious sound to my ear and an occassion I always look forward to.

Whenever I hear him miles away... I would be frantically scrounge for coins... or if we were good  and not drive my mom up the wall with our siblings "banter"... ehem... we weren't always naughty, we would get a treat...
here were limited choices of ice-cream then... its either vanilla, chocolate, neapolitan or strawberry flavoured ice-creams.

Sweetcorn Ice-cream was introduced much later... It was one of 'Malaysian-ised' flavoured ice-creams... It came in box packaging, Mr Ice-cream man would cut the ice-cream into sizeable little rectangular pieces... hence it is known as Ice-cream Potong (potong means cut) ...served these delicious creamy treat between 2 thin wafers... and in some kampungs (village)... the ice-creams was sandwiched between 2 slices of white bread.

We would savour these sweet creamy ice-cream..with every lick ... trying very hard not to spill... but living in a humid and hot country... most of the time it would ended up Splat!!! on our dresses or on the floor... the wafer became soggy and soft.

This happened to be one of my favourite ice-cream flavours.... it was then and still is..

My kids had tasted the store-bought Sweetcorn ice-cream... back in the days when we were in Kuala Lumpur... but it comes in a 2 litre tub... there was no Ice-cream vendor cycling around the suburb 'tooting' the air horn... and definitely not being served with 2 thin wafers ...

Recipe (serve 6-8)
300 ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
150g sugar
3 egg yolks
250ml canned creamed corn
300ml whipping cream
  1. Pour milk in heavy saucepan, add vanilla and bring to almost boil.
  2. Remove from heat and set aside.
  3. Place egg yolks and sugar in a mixing bowl and whisk until pale and the mixture leaves a trail when the whisk is lifted.
  4. Slowly add milk into the egg and sugar mixture.
  5. Keep stirring all the time.
  6. Strain the mixture into another clean heatproof bowl.
  7. Using double boil method, cook the mixture until its thickened.
  8. Remove the custard from heat and leave it to cool.
  9. Add in creamed corn.
  10. Whipped the cream until it holds its shape. Keep in the refrigerator.
  11. Using Ice-cream machine, fold the whipped cream into the custard. Churn according to manufacterers' instruction.
  12. Freeze for at least 2 hours before serving.


  1. Hi Lisa, I WANT the I-SCREAM...... yours look so delicious and tempting.
    Very pretty presentation too. Love your beautiful click.

    I really like the waffle biscuit and I like the chocolate.
    Really miss the school days, the ice man in his 3 wheeler. But I didn't get to eat much cos last time when young got asthma problem. :(

    Have a nice day licking the ice cream.

  2. It was so, so, so long ago that I used to eat local sweetcorn ice cream and another flavor Ruam Mitr [back in Bangkok] ... then I started liking more international (?) flavors :)

    Good one. Especially sandwiched between wafers, nice pics :)

  3. That ice cream flavor is very original! I bet it tastes divine.



  4. Although corn ice cream is not very popular in Japan, I know some SE Asian countries (maybe not all) really love this flavor. Whenever I have a chance I plan to taste it. I am pretty sure I'll fall in love with this corn ice cream.... I've seen a lot of Filipino bloggers posting corn ice pops. Totally curious!

  5. yes, I remember the Ice-cream man!! In Singapore we can still find a few 3 wheeler ice-cream sellers "station" in Orchid Road with this type of ice-cream.

  6. I have never had one! How creative and I love it's a sandwiched between wafers.

  7. Red bean ice cream was my favourite! I need to buy myself an ice cream machine!

  8. This post brings back memories. No longer do we have uncles tooting horns or shaking bells hawking ice creams, not even those in Magnolia tubs. :(

    My favorite ais krim potong would be red bean. Beautiful photos dear, I wish I could shoot ice cream like that!

  9. All your pictures are gorgeous and this one is no exception. Love the presenation and it is tempting me very much. We sometimes buy vanilla and banana-flavoured wafer biscuits that look like this.

  10. Recently we were on a trip to Bangkok and there we tried sweetcorn ice cream for the first time and it was quite nice. Specially for someone like me who doesn't like ice cream as much.
    Love the presentation and the gorgeous light in the photo :)

  11. Amelia
    Lucky you... can still enjoy I-Scream potong in Malaysia and tak payah susah buat ;P

    Thank you :D

    Sure is Rosa :D

    Corns are abundance in SE Asia region... I am sure you will love the taste ;)

    Ah Tze
    Wow.. amazing, must take note that if I ever visit Spore, I'll make sure to capture this on my camera :D

    Summer treat :D

    Another fave of mine :D

    No more uncles tooting or shouting... but the annoying recording that blares unceremoniously :(

    Red bean Ice-cream coming soon ;)

    Thank you :D
    oooh I would love to try that wafer biscuits

    Thank you :D

  12. I love sweetcorn ice cream, really delicious!!

  13. I've never heard of sweetcorn ice cream! Sweetcorn is my favourite though so I might have to give this a go!

  14. Oh lama sungguh tak visit your blog. Tiba2 bila bukak gmbr icecream corn. Used to buy this back in MGS KL when I was a young girl. Now not so young and looking at your blog, make me want it so badly but too lazy to make. Boleh beli kat kedai tak?

  15. Yours was the "toot" and mine was the "ring"....our Mr. Ice-cream man! :)

  16. Not a fan of sweet corn, but everything tastes differently when in ice cream form. =) LOve this treat!

  17. Leemei

    Its South East Asia flavours :D

    Ada kat kedai Asian... all flavours ~jagung, nangka, durian, jagung and of course red bean :D


    Thank you :)

    Thank you :D