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Kuih Cara Berlauk/ Savoury Bites

November 30, 2011
Easy Kuih Cara Berlauk, little savoury bites are excellent as afternoon treat. Hi... I am back...  with another Malaysians favourite finger food... Kuih Cara Berlauk or in plain english Savoury bites . But before that...let me tell you what happen!

Turkish Delight Slices

November 09, 2011
Easy Turkish Delight Slices recipe. Turkish delight reminds me of...

Blood Orange Marmalade

November 02, 2011
Delicious Blood Orange Marmalade made from scratch recipe. When you read a book ... do you have that feeling, that you ARE in that book? Living, breathing, eating with the characters? I do. I meant 'story' books/ novels, not textbooks. Remember Enid Blyton's Famous Five, Secret Seven, Mallory Towers, Naughtiest Girl in School, Magical Faraway Trees, Enchanted Woods, and many more...? I used to live, and breathe with these characters... pretending I was the 6th member of the Famous Five, bestie with Elizabeth Allen, joined in the fun, and be one of many Enid Blyton's characters. I went on adventures, go to bed when they do and when the sun rises, I was there waiting at their breakfast table. And many times, they would have toast and Marmalade. I liked the sounds of the word 'Marmalade' I didn't have the slightest clue what Marmalade was at that time. Let alone the taste!!! The dictionary didn't help much either. I so desperately wanted to have