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Harissa Sauce

February 26, 2011
It can be quite frustrating... when your mind is set to cook a one particular dish... then upon running through the ingredients and found that the dish require that certain something... sauce or some fancy fresh produce!!! and equally frustrating when you drove all the way to the stores (be it Woollies or Coles or IGA) and they dont have it on the shelf... very frustrating indeed!!! Have you had that  "moment"... when you go aaarrrggghhh ...? I would include Harissa Sauce  in one of my 'aaaarrrrggghhh ' list... I have come across many recipes that uses Harissa Sauce but I have yet to see them making their appearances on the shelves... well I can only speak about the stores around my place ... give and take 5 km in radius from my house...  That's when I started my hunt for the recipe... on the superspeed cyber highway... and came up with this  Harissa Sauce Recipe: 10 dried chilli -soaked 2 garlic - roughly chopped 1 teaspoon

Fish Congee

February 18, 2011
I was going through my "Food" folders in my hard drive and found these photos. I cooked and photographed this last month. Whenever Miss E  had her orthondontist appointment... and she had her braces tightened, she has to have 'Baby' food... she won't be able to chew anything at all for the next 2 to 3 days... not even bread.... She didn't mind having plain rice porridge ... I refer to it as 'Moi' ...  while the rest of us would have something not as plain and may be some spicy food... I added some peas for some colour and crispy fried ginger... Talking about GINGER !!!... the price of ginger has increased... It used to be around AUD$10-$15/kg ...and recently... the price skyrocket to AUD$40/kg... No more Chicken Rice, no more using fresh ginger for awhile... sad...sad... Recipe 4 pieces of white fish fillets- cut into 2cm cubes 3cm of ginger - julienne spring onion - thinly sliced 2 -3 tablespoon fish sauce 350ml of lon

Mooli with Sesame Miso Sauce

February 15, 2011
Hurray!!!...My blog has turned 2 recently ( 9th February )...  Total posts posted =  300+ ... Phew.... I thought that I would have lose 'steam' by now... but so far so good... and the best part is ~ I get to 'meet' wonderful  friends through blogging... And as for writing? I always dreaded writing... I prefer churning figures than write... furthermore English is not my first language. I was brought up in a non English speaking family, went to non English speaking primary and secondary school... but I love reading English novels,  embarrassing confession here ~ I was hooked on Mills n Boon... ...   back in those days, okay... So pardon me if my writing tend to go off tangent of all the sudden...or my post does not seems to 'gel'...   You may think... what has all that gibberish above has anything to do with the dish below??? My answer would be ... NONE... hahaha.... Ok ... back to the dish.... Daikon or white radish... its not my favo

Red Velvet Cupcake

February 12, 2011
Valentine's Day ... is just 2 sleeps away ... almost every blog I visited... there will be tributes to St Valentine. It tempt me to jump on the Valentine's bandwagon... Since Valentine's Day falls in February (just in case... someone forgets... like my Mr H !!!)  ... February is still summer in OZ...  nearly the  end of Summer ... and Perth weather has the habit of   turning up  the heat to almost max before we could say Hello to Autumn... so I try not to use the oven as much... but ... there is an exception for Valentine's Day this year... I baked  'Heart Shaped Red Velvet Mini Cakes' ... actually I was trying out my new Heart Shaped silicon mould... I was over the moon when my Red Velvet came out nice and moist... but  'sucks' at spreading the meringue icing!!!  experimented on few cakes ... and it turned out to be one BIG mess... eventually I gave up...  so I am left with big bowl of Vanilla Icing and Meringue Icing... most probably

Emping / Rice Flakes with Grated Coconut

February 08, 2011
 I have this picture hanging on my kitchen wall...  reminds me of my hometown... I love looking at this picture ~ Its Paddy Harvesting season... my thought soon came to this one local snack that I loved, its made out of rice flakes called Emping.

Pipa Roast Duck

February 04, 2011
I bought frozen duck as I wanted to make  Chinese Roast Duck (Siew Ngap) or Crispy Caraway Skin Duck from Norecipes   click here ... but somehow my plan was hijacked by Mr H , as he took over the kitchen (over the weekend). And he wanted to try out Pipa Roast Duck... a dish that he once had... long ... long  time ago. Heavy hearted.... NOT!!!..... I gladly surrendered my duck to him... I did contribute to this lovely Pipa Roast Duck .. I washed and cleaned the duck.... gave it a good massage, pierced the skin... plus the taut skin effect... before the he took over.... Why is it called Pipa Duck ?... I could not understand at first. It looked nothing like Pipa (Chinese Musical Instrument )?? when it was lying flat on the benchtop nor when it was going through the cold basting process and hanging off the pole to dry!!!      But when Mr H inserted 2 chopsticks in the opened cavity (to make sure that the shape hold)...then I see the resemblance to Pipa...

Cambodian Souvenirs Draw ~ Results

February 03, 2011
First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated... I have run the numbers and am happy to announce the lucky winners. You can view the listings in my Facebook...  Again Thank You. Congratulations to : Item 1 ~ Scarf 4 Angie Item 2 ~ set of chopsticks 11 Amanda Item 3 ~ Purse 18 Codruta Timestamp: 2011-02-03 00:58:14 UTC Please email me your details....