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Chinese New Year 2011 ~ Year of A Rabbit

January 31, 2011
I take this opportunity to wish members of my families, friends, and readers... A  Happy Chinese New Year... May the New Year brings us Happiness, Prosperity and Joy

Lin Chee Kang/ Lotus Sweet Drink

January 29, 2011
Yesterday was a very HOT day in Perth .... humid and sticky. I woke up at 5.30am yesterday and was sweating like it was midday. At 7 am... I was hanging out my washing and the sun was a quarter way up on the horizon and the heat was getting intense... and by 8.30am ... my washing was done... and its not even midday yet... Since we are heading towards a HOT weekend... to have Lin Chee Kang / Leng Chee Kang or Lotus Sweet Drink would be just nice... serve it chill (you can serve this warm too). Mr H was reminiscing his younger days while enjoying his Lin Chee Kang ... it is not a daily or even weekly treat for him as a boy ... but yearly... only when the Chinese Opera comes to town...   There would be heaps of stalls set up for this festival... selling varieties of food and drinks. The children would run about while the adults sat and enjoy the performance... stories of ancient era ... were told in colourful costumes, singing, dancing and acrobatic movements.  Chinese Oper

Fish Sour Soup and Cambodian souvenirs Giveaway...

January 22, 2011
My first 'Food' post for 2011... and what a better way to start 2011 with a humble yet refreshing  Sour Fish Soup  from Cambodia... plus I have 3 Souvenirs from Cambodia to give away to 3 lucky readers...anywhere in the world... just scroll down ... after the recipe... to enter the draw. There is quite a distinctive similarity in Cambodian and Thai food.. oops... I could be in hot soup for the statement...  Cambodian uses a lot of fresh ingredients in their cooking ~ lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and so forth.  They consumed plenty of fish ... fresh from Lake Tonle Sap ... Sap means freshwater...  Fish is much cheaper and easier to get than any other meat... eg chickens were sold for US$4.50/kg... and the average wages for a busy tour guide could be from US$250-300 per month while the rest could be earning about US$100/ month...lets do our maths...   I asked our Tour Driver, Rhowan , what is a typical Khmer food? Flat Rice Noodles in Vegetable Bro

Off Track # 5 ~ Siem Reap

January 18, 2011
Happy New Year ..everyone...I am back from my long leave... On the 8th January 2011, we finally stepped foot in Siem Reap... It's  H's dream to visit Angkor Wat ... eversince we met... some 2 decades ago. Those days... to make the trip to Cambodia was not recommended due to few factors, as well as our own economic situation, did not warrant us to explore the region... _____________________________________________ Day 1 We arrived around 8am, and we headed straight to  Prince D'Angkor  ... unfortunately we were too early for them... rather than wait for the rooms, we went exploring... Siem Reap reminded us of Malaysia in the 70's, where motorbikes and bicycles... making their way through the city, weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians...   This reminds me...of the old China Town in Kedah where I grew up... After a good rest... (it was an early flight...) , plus kids were hungry (and us ), we went to Pub Street for some K