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Kiwi, Apple and Coconut Drink

December 06, 2013
We often been told: "Don't judge a book by its cover, dont judge a person by his/her look"   and we try our best not to be judgemental but we are only human, human err and I confessed, I erred. As a law abiding citizen, one has to fulfill one's duty when one is called to carry out jury duty. My name was up, I had no reason and no way to escape but to get it over and done with. With mix feeling (excitement and apprehension); I made my way. In my head, I imagined that the court cases will be as exciting as my favourites; Good Wife or Law and Order, The Practice, Boston Legal or the once famous LA Law. ...but that can only happened in tv not reality. The reality is - courthouse was gloomy and cold (I think they purposely made the room cold). After few rounds of "lucky" dip, my number was called and I became one of 14. I took my oath and sat, and soon the defendant was seated in the dock. One glance towards the person and I am ashamed to