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Penang Loh Bak / Beancurd Roll

January 25, 2013
Another Festive atmosphere... is in the air, mostly and currently happening in the BlogWorld.

Angel Hair, Lemon and Olive Oil

January 18, 2013
...continue from Gazpacho  last week


January 11, 2013
My brain slowly becoming alert and waking up from interrupted night sleep.

Ambarella Juice/ Buah Ambra Juice

January 04, 2013
Toast to the New Year with Ambarella juice :D How was your Christmas and New Year Celebration? Hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends over the long December break.  We had a fantastic time... Managed to complete 90% of our 'To Do/ Must Do' list. Cooked, Eat.. Cooked again and Eat again.. .these 2 activitities were not in the list Had a couple of invites to friends' Christmas Party... and I made for the 1st time ever ~ CROQUEMBOUCHE ... to bring ... the only disappointment was the spun sugar kept on breaking up.. . and Pumpkin with coconut milk Agar-agar too. I (again), for the 1st time.. .sorry for sounding like a broken record.. . roast a turkey and that too turned out moist and juicy... a combination of recipe from Ina Garten's new cookbook, my best friend's tip for the succulent juicy meat and roasting using Elise's (Simply Recipe) method ... ... after 10 days on eating...binging was not a pleasant sight to