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Leong Cha / Selfheal Flower tea

December 22, 2010
I was having a bad sore throat last week... and it won't go away. Miss E thought that she has given me her 'germs'. She was not well immediately after her school trip to Rottnest Island... poor girl

Creamy Mango Mousse

December 18, 2010
Mango season is here... yay! We love eating mangoes. My plans of making 'something with mangoes' often derailed once I peeled off the skins and slice the mango cheeks... It only took me one whiff and I caved in...  If given the choice of mango and durian... definitely ...I'll go for Mango ... but its 'kind of' difficult if I have to choose between mangoes or cherries... hmmm... (its alright... no one is making me choose... so I can have both...) However, I managed to hold myself together and resist temptations... and make this mousse for everyone to enjoy... (out of 9 mangoes ~ 3 were used for mousse, 5 were cut-up and eaten fresh by everyone....and guess what happen to  the last mango??... ) Recipe: The recipe was adapted from Mango Magic by Bay Books. 3 medium size mangoes 2 tablespoon caster sugar 1 tablespoon gelatine 3 tablespoon juice 300 ml thickened cream Peeled and puree 2 mangoes and add sugar. Stir well. Sp

Rosewater Panna Cotta with Blueberries

December 15, 2010
I was flipping through  Donna Hay ~ Dec2010/Jan 2011  magazine, and this Panna Cotta caught my attention... Why? Reason no 1 ~ I have one (1) blueberry plant growing happily in my backyard. The plant has been very kind.. eventhough it was only a year old... it has given me quite a good yield... It must have been happy and contented in my garden...  Reason no 2 ~  Miss E loves blueberries (and she often say it her 'blubberries'...) and   I always stock up boxes of frozen blueberries in freezer for her convenience (and mine.... Reason no 3 ~ I was intrigued by the combinations of diary products with rose water... I'll go no further than 3... before everyone get bored and started to (yawn)  Fresh blueberries and a single rose flower from my garden... (frozen blueberries in a bowl) But ...I tweaked her recipe just a teeny weeny bit...  ( Donna Hay's version ~ in brackets ). I do not wish to waste 100ml of buttermilk.... it still turn out de

Spiced Hiramasa with Tomato, Ginger Curry

December 12, 2010
Growing up in Malaysia with its melting pot culture... I have the pleasure to savour and enjoy the varieties of food~you name it, Malaysia has it... It is a Food Haven for foodies like me... I have dined in fancy hotels, restaurants... sampling from Japanese to Dimsums to International Buffet spreads to road side 'Hawker' Food vendor. If you are in Malaysia ... you must not miss out eating in a restaurant serving Indian food... and not any Indian restaurant... but the one that will serve your order on Banana Leaf ... yes, you read it right , your food will be served on Banana Leaf not PLATE !!! and eat it with your FINGERS... again you read it right ... FINGERS not fork and spoon... It's lot of FUN... but be cautious... it can be addictive ... and the portions are ginormous (especially the rice). Fun part is towards the end, when we have finished eating... I am always confused as to which way to fold the banana leaf (either fold away from you or

Vegetable Masala Stir-Fry

December 09, 2010
What is 'Stir-Fry' ? Stir-Fry according to Wikipedia (I'll cut and paste  ... save you the trouble of clicking to open up wikipedia page... and my post will not look so short... ) Stir-Fry always relate to Chinese cooking... (as per Wikipedia above). And in Chinese Stir-Fry... garlic is most commonly used together with Oyster Sauce, Light Soy Sauce... Stir frying is an umbrella term used to describe two techniques for cooking food in a wok while stirring it: chǎo (炒) and bào (爆). The term stir-fry was introduced into the English language by Buwei Yang Chao, in her book How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, to describe the chǎo technique.[1][2] The two techniques differ in their speed of execution, the amount of heat used, and the amount of tossing done to cook the food in the wok. Cantonese restaurant patrons judge a chef's ability to perform stir frying by the "wok hei" produced in the food. This in turn is believed to display their ability to bring o

Pandan Crepe with Sweet Coconut filling

December 07, 2010
Miss E said I had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder )... I guess all teens would say that to their mom...Right? hope I am not alone here.    I have to have everything in place...or events must take place as planned!! Take this blog for example... I planned to post 3 posts per week: Tuesday is for flavours around the Globe, Thursday is for Malaysian/Asian and Saturday is specially dedicated for Dessert or sweet things... I am going to prove (Help...the spelling does not look right here..)  her wrong... and will start to post any article/post on any day... not restricting myself to the 3 days mentioned earlier... I shall start with.... Kuih Ketayap or Crepe ( oohh... sounds so French ) is a typical Malaysian Breakfast or afternoon delight... Why its called Ketayap?? I would not have a clue ... Ketayap is a Malay word means 'White Skull Cap' ... but the kuih  has no resemblance to the attire... so I shall not delve into the matter further... before I

Bamboo Shoots~ Side Dish

December 02, 2010
We have deprived little pandas of their meal...  Bamboo shoots is a delicacy when we are far away from home.  'Old Wives' Tale' ~ bamboo shoots is believed to have cause 'wind ' and whoever has arthritis should avoid bamboo shoot altogether .  I was trying out this recipe yesterday... preparing pickled bamboo shoots for our dinner as a side dish. The smell of pickled bamboo shoots is horrid ( smell like urea ....) and it stays in the kitchen or house for a very long time... The minute Mr H walked in the house... I could see his face started to twitch... Mr H : What's that smell?? Me : hmm... bamboo shoots Mr H : I think I need some air ... and he immediately opened the front door and kitchen door... hoping that the breeze would clear the odour. So yes ... the smell of pickled bamboo shoots can be a 'Put Off'  ... even to our Asian nose ...  Basic ingredients .. Recipe: 400g Bamboo shoots - purchased from As