Wong Bok/ Napa Cabbage Parcels

June 22, 2012

Wong Bok/ Napa Cabbage Parcels

The temperature plummeted to 3C and 2C on 2 consecutive mornings.

We have been blessed with rain, plenty of rain and thunderstorms early in the season... ... hence drop in temperature. I was reluctant to get up and leave my warm comfy bed, but wake up I must... to prepare kids' lunch bags, to wake them up and get ready for school. 

This cold weather makes me yearn for something hot and soup-y...
Steamboat came to mind. We decided to have 'steamboat' with hope that it will fix this 'Winter Chill' cravings... happy with our plan and looking forward to the 'Steamboat' weekend... but wait, to my teens, Steamboat will not be Steamboat if there is NO Wontons as Entree...

Napa Cabbage Parcels with chicken mince recipe.

H started preparing the chicken mix for wontons. .... but H has the tendency to double the amount of anything he is making... and we ended up with so much leftover of chicken mix.
Not wanting to freeze the mix, furthermore, I hardly have any 'breathing' space in my freezer... I use the leftover chicken mix  (no more wonton skins), wrapped the mix nicely in Chinese cabbage leaves, steam these morsels for 20 minutes....

At our dinner table... kids were going "ooohs and aaahs" and 'Why haven't you make these before, Mom?' 
I wish I could freeze the moment and frame ~ the look on their faces...when told, that they just had it yesterday, cooked and presented differently... 

Wong Bok Parcels  made with leftover chicken mince filling from wontons were wrapped, rolled and steam till chicken mince is cooked through.

Wong Bok/ Napa Cabbage Parcels Recipe (serve 4)

500g mince chicken
1 carrot diced 
3 Shiitake mushroom, pre-soak, diced
2 tablespoon light soya sauce
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon corn flour and another 1 teaspoon to mix with water
a dash of sesame oil 

a dash of white pepper

salt to taste

Wong Bok/ Napa Cabbage/ Chinese cabbage

Golden fried chopped garlic
  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.
  2. Start the steamer going on the stove.
  3. Washed and microwave the cabbage for about 1 minute or give it a quick blanch. Quickly soak in cold water to stop further cooking. 
  4. Drip dry or pat dry the cabbage leaves. (chop off the hard stems, if there is any). 
  5. Lay the leaf flat on a plate or clean chopping board with the hard stem near you. 
  6. Spoon about 1 to 2 tablespoon of chicken mix onto the leaf. 
  7. Roll with 1 turn and fold in the sides (left and right) and continue rolling. 
  8. Place the rolled cabbage parcels with seam downwards on a steamer and steam for 20 minutes till the chicken mix is cooked. 
  9. Garnish with golden fried chopped garlic and spring onion. 
  10. Serve with steamed rice.
Note : I moderated the quantities... feel free to add or reduce seasonings. Try to use the bigger leaves, as I encountered difficulties in rolling, due to smaller leaves towards the 'centre' or core.


  1. A wonderful recipe! I love Nappa cabbage and those flavors. Great summer food.



  2. These chicken parcels look so pretty and delicious. Great idea to use up leftover chicken mince. Love your photography.

  3. These chicken cabbage rolls look really pretty and delicious.

  4. You make everything look so good in camera Lisa!

    Sorry I have not been visiting you or any other bloggers lately. Was not feeling well for the past few months.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Beautiful rolls. When I try to make anything like that they almost always turn out pretty sloppy, one can call them "unrolls". Your rolls rock :-)

  6. Hi Lisa, these rolls are gorgeous, love your presentation! They make me feel nostalgic as cabbage rolls was one of my grandma's signature dishes...

  7. Only you can make cabbage look 'pretty'! These look great! I don't eat chicken but will try them with minced tofu!

  8. Woohoo, stay warm. I usually like to have warm soup and some spice when the temperature dips.

  9. This dish definitely reminds me of cold fall/winter days. Such a comfort food and it's pretty light meal too. Your photos are simply gorgeous!!

  10. You must take a trip at this side of the world...it neither hot nor cold :)
    Love how light and lovely this roll looks and sounds!

  11. Rosa

    Thank you :D


    No worries Wiz... I hope you are better now :D


    awww... thanks Denise :)

    hehehe.. thank you :D
    Splendid idea to substitute with tofu

    I love everything spicy in this weather :D

    awww...thanks Nami...

    keeping fingers and toes cross... one day I shall step foot on your continent :D

  12. Wow!! I can't believe how creative you are by serving the same leftover ingredients but still getting such high praises from the kids HAHA. I am more than convinced by this. I've bookmarked this to make too!! Show you a picture when I do haha =)

  13. sedapnya! kalau you dekat, I bawak mangkuk tingkat gi rumah you dengan muka tak malu...

  14. Nampak sedap, yang..
    Kat sini pulak semakin panas.. tapi lebih baik dari sejuk sebab kat sini winter memang harsh..

  15. wong bok is one of my favorite steamboat veggies and to have meat in it sounds really yummyyyyy especially when it's cold!

  16. Delicious!!! Using cabbage also makes it all the more healthy! Is napa cabbage the same as savoy?

  17. Winston,
    LOL... not creative just plain lazy ;)

    mai...mai... bawa 'sia' sekali :)


    I suka prefer sejuk than harsh summer in Perth :)


    Its Chinese cabbage or Wong Bok... :D