Mulligatawny Soup

September 21, 2012
Mulligatawny Soup

Heard of Mulligatawny Soup?

In 1992... I was heading back to the UK again... 

This time round, I wasn't the nervous, noob student. I was there under the flagship of Confederation of British Industries (CBI)... to be trained in the field that could benefit the company.
Being given a choice of  placement for 6 months to a year ... I chose 6 months (my boss agreed to let me go for 6 months...without any paycut...wooohooo... I guessed, it was quite difficult to justify to Bigger Boss to agree, sending me away for a year without affecting my salary).

From the day I boarded the plane till the day I finished my contract... everything was paid for by CBI. It was a wonderful experience when you were there at someone's expense and I could hear 'ka-ching...ka-ching...ka-ching' as my salary accumulating in the bank... bliss... ... .
Hampshire County Council (HCC) Winchester ~ where I spent my 'time' working ...

I was taken aback by the beauty of this quaint little town... 

The subject History in school, bore me to death... I could never remember who's who, significant dates, events, wars and other finer details... but Boy!!! was I glad to be 'thrown' there, where lots of historical events took place centuries ago, Kings, Queens, Knights and the bloody wars...(listening to history being told is definitely more interesting than reading a History book... agree with me?)

Yes... I managed to be 'Up Close and Personal to Arthurian Round Table placed in the Great Hall within The Castles walls.

Finding an accommodation was a big problem...Winchester, 20 years ago, was a small town ... chances to find a place to call my own was very... very slim...

However, luck was on my side...I found a room with this nice English family. The father worked with the Council, looking for a lodger, advertised in the HCC bulletin...about the same time as I was looking for a place...for the next 6 months, I was...Lisa the Lodger.

Roy has a hobby... every evening and weekends, he would plonked himself in his favourite spot in the tv room and he would start on his hobby... he would either be polishing, sanding, varnishing or putting pieces together. He made miniature furnitures to the scale of 1:12.

Watching him working enthusiastically, almost everyday, got my interest going ...

With only 12 weeks left before I leave day, I told Roy... I wish to 'build' my own Doll House but to the scale of 1:24...

He was generous with his knowledge and he helped me get started... and I 'guiltily' occupied his workshop, working on fret saw, cutting, sawing, coping etc. I was turning to be like Roy... working, sanding, polishing, glueing every evening and weekends in the tv room...

Finally...My first (and only) Tudor Doll house, completed ahead of schedule. A doll house complete with a hinged front piece to reveal the decor and furnitures, another hinge to the front piece of roof that will revealed the 'Attic'...and all the furnitures, crockery, even toilet bowl were made to scale with my 2 unskilled hands...

And in return for his help and guidance... I built him a typical Malay house... just that I couldn't find any material to complete the house with the attap / roof ...

I was in Winchester early January... and straight to work the following week. It took awhile to adjust to the cold weather again... and getting to know my way round the work place and its cafeteria.
And once settled...  I discovered another good thing ...being in a 'quaylo' or Western country. Yes... I found Mulligatawny, curried vegetable soup... The name was intriguing with fabulous flavours... the curried soup reminded  me of home...

My 6 months stay was amazing...
I walked the historical ground as the Kings, Queens and the mighty Knights, I learned how to make miniature furnitures and had my curry in a cup. 

This is my take on Mulligatawny...

Mulligatawny Soup is spicy vegetarian soup is a superb winter comfort food.

Sign off with love…Lisa H.

Mulligatawny Soup Recipe 

(serve 4-6)
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 brown onion -chopped
2 cloves of garlic - chopped
1 tablespoon Keen Curry Powder
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup frozen corns kernels
1 cup diced baby zuchini
1 cup cooked basmati rice
1 diced carrot
1 cup coconut milk
3 cups of water or vegetable stock
Natural yoghurt
chopped coriander leaves for garnishing
  1. Saute the onion and garlic until the onions are soft. 
  2. Add carrot, curry powder and stir for few minutes until its aromatic. 
  3. Add vegetable stock, peas, corn, rice and zuchini. 
  4. Bring to boil and lower the heat to a simmer until the vegetables are tender. 
  5. Add coconut milk and season with salt to taste. 
  6. Serve immediately with a dollop of natural yoghurt and garnish with chopped coriander.


  1. When I was young I long I can have a doll house too...till now I am still hoping for it. Need delicate hands to handle those tiny furnitures. Curry as well as Soup? That's sounds so delicious. I bet it is more delicious sipping it away during autumn and winter.

  2. Hi Lisa, I love the curry serve in a cup, something different. Yours look delicious.

    The miniature house is so cute and pretty. The typical malay house that you built is so beautiful, you're excellent my dear. Thanks for sharing. I love miniature doll house too.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  3. Enjoyed reading this and love all your pictures..Thanks for sharing dear..

  4. Wonderful memories and post! I miss England so much....

    That soup is gorgeous and so comforting! Something I'll have to try making someday...



  5. you are amazing, lisa! what can't you do??! the dollhouse is wow! but the malay house is the cutest ^^ love your idea of soup in teacups and the pretty colors in your pics ^^

  6. mmmmm..... amazing post. Lovely doll house. I used to make this soup in an Indian way. Nice and perfect clicks...

  7. Time for lovely soup recipes and there's nothing like a bit of spice in a bowlful of favours. Just adore the tudor and kampung house. Will show them to my girls:-)

  8. I'm so happy I got to see this doll house. First time I saw your miniature doll house I was stunned! I really really love doll house (even commercial one, but cannot compare the love for these handmade ones). I wish I can enlarge those miniature home Lisa! I can stare at it all day long, using my imagination. I don't have one single hobby, but if I would start one thing, it might be building a house like this. I know it requires a lot of work and time...but I'd totally die with my doll house (am I creepy?)! Back to food... As always, your story and food was beautiful! Lovely presentation and I love your artistic style!

  9. So cute the little doll house!!
    The soup looks absolutely yummy!

  10. Owh my owh my! I'm taken back with your post today...what a brilliant one! Enjoyed reading it thoroughly..the pictures and the miniature house...stunning!!!

    Curry in cup...really cute!!!

  11. Mulligatawny...that's a cute name for a curry soup. I love it loaded with wholesome ingredients. Lovely!

  12. Mel
    Our 'inner Child' would love playing with Doll houses.. I still do, at least wipe off the dust :D

  13. Amelia
    Thank you Amelia...
    You have a nice weekend too :D

  14. Hui
    a-ha... there are a lot more things I can't do... like sewing, crocheting. knitting... :P

  15. zareena
    This is an Anglo-Indian dish...I believe this soup originated from India and the British adopted and modify to their taste... forgive me if I was wrong :D

  16. Lina_to_you
    LOL... dont panic if you girls want one :P...
    I am sure in Europe there are shops that sells miniatures :D

  17. Nami
    Sorry for the teaser in Instagram...naughty naughty of me :P

    No, you are definitely not creepy... I will not let my 15 year old daughter near my Doll House unless I am at arms length distance...:D

  18. cleffairy
    One can always try...
    Keen Curry Powder gives strong and pungent. I once used our Malaysian Curry powder and it works well too :D

  19. Angie
    I love the sound of 'Mulligatawny' :)

  20. Awww... What a great, great read, Lisa... I love hearing about your time in the UK. AND as an Engineer. I must say you remind me a lot about my own mother and I have the utmost respect for you! And the family that you stayed with sounds sooo lovely. I see you've got lots of souvenirs from your 6 months there (i.e. photos and doll house), thanks for sharing it with us. This soup is delicious I would love to make it soon. ANd how cute isit that you served it in those mugs like that haha... Creative lah you! Lol

  21. Those doll houses are amazing. I'm so impressed! Mulligatawny soup is a favourite but I'm too lazy (as always) to make it.

  22. Such a lovely story. and such lovely tiny homes! Can we order one for our girls? :) I wish we could do such stuff!! Love the beautiful color of the soup. The soup season is soon approaching here...

  23. Hi Lisa,
    Apologies for not visiting your lovely space for some time.When I came to visit your site I realized how much I have missed.
    You're really good for a first-time doll-house maker.I think I followed you down your memory lane.
    And that soup,can brighten my day up.Lovely post !

  24. I love that little Malay House! Gorgeous and so well done. I think my hands are too big for such delicate work but I did always want to have a dollhouse growing up. Yours looks pretty good! As that does beautiful soup!

  25. The soup looks really good in those cups. That's a great way to serve it.

  26. Winston
    awww.... thanks Winston, I am touched by your sweet comment :D

  27. WokandSpoon
    LOL... I know the feeling :P
    took me ages to make this too :D

  28. Soma
    hehehe...this unskilled pair of hands were rested too long to make another doll house :)

  29. Love and Other Spice
    No worries Farwin... :)

  30. Junglefrog
    awww... thank you Simone.
    Its every little girls dream to wown was I :)

  31. Julia
    Thank you julia...
    and thank you for dropping by and say hello :D