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Sung Choy Bow

March 15, 2013
“Great cooking is about being inspired by the simple things around you  ~ fresh markets, various spices. It doesn’t necessarily have to look fancy.” –   G. Garvin Totally agree... 100 percent with Chef Garvin's quote, when it comes to Sung Choy Bow . No exciting a matter of fact, Sung Choy Bow looks rather dull ...everything seems to be in the shades of orangey-brown...pardon me if I say ~ its in the 'Boring' food category.  oopsie... We had been having Sung Choy Bow every year on either Chinese New Year's eve or on the 15th day of CNY celebration... and every year I would snapped a photo or two... but it never made it here..... why??? ...however dull or boring it may be... as it turned out.... photographing Sung Choy Bow was a real  'pain'...mind boggling and challenging... well, to me, it is!! . sorry peeps, hope you will not be discouraged by my *trying very hard*  thus failed attempt, to make Sung Choy Bow a drool worthy