Piano Birthday Cake

May 24, 2012
piano shaped cake

Someone in the house is turning 15 this weekend... celebrations was brought forward by one week (coz Mom will be busy next week...with my sister's visit) 'Fake Birthday' according to her... and she is 'expecting' another round of cake and presents... cheeky!! hmmm... should have make her Fake Cake, and gave her Fake presents.. why didn't I think of that...

Our little girl (oh she is not so little anymore... she is slightly taller then me)  our chatter box, our 'kaypoh' is another year older...
Let me tell you a story... actually there were few stories of her that makes our hearts... goes Ba-dee-Boom... . 

...our Sweetie-pie... our Livewire..
I wished I could take her place instead  ...when she had Pneumonia and was hospitalised for a week at the tender age of 2. We just came back from Cameron Highland, she caught a cold and couldn't shake it off. ...But she made no fuss... walked into the X-ray room all on her own, going about with Intravenous/ needle inserted 24-7 in her tiny hand... 

Being a playful child.. and hide and seek was one of her favourite games. We were shopping for ties (well, H was...) , she hid between  the Tie displays and when she had enough.. she emerged, and spooked a lady shopper. Poor lady... her heart fell with a loud thud onto the floor...
I wanted to tell her off... but she was only 3.

Our "nightmare weekend window shopping" in IKEA, Damansara.
We were making our way towards check out counter through  Market Hall ... being a playful 5 year old, she decided to play 'Catch up with me...' weaving in and out of the shelves... trying to stay ahead of us... she just took one turn and she was lost among the shelves...
Took us a couple of minutes to realise that she was no where to be seen...
PANIC!!! ... I back tracked  and H went running towards check out counters... Finally, I found her sobbing... not far from where we 'lost' her...

Oh yes... she did it again....age 14+ ~ lost in Paris 

And now her father is thinking twice... thrice... zillion times of letting her go on to her next adventure joining 'World Challenge'... going to the other side of the world ... at least 30 hours flight away.

But my girl with gorgeous smile has a BIG heart... would do anything and give her all to help others.
She recently participated in 'Cancer Council Relay For Life~ WA', 24 hour running for a good course...

I almost *faint* when she told me of how many laps she did ... 125 laps x 400m run= 50km (122 laps on her own+3 last laps with the group and we joined in)...  plus she did not sleep and had been running and helping round the clock...

The Relay meant a lot to her.. as she lost someone close to her, someone she loved, someone who loved her and would spoiled her rotten, if not for Lung Cancer... her Grandmother whom she called NaNai.

black and white piano cake

Happy 15th Birthday…
My sweet beautiful girl

May HE bless you always....

Piano Birthday Cake

Recipe (serve 6-8)
(tweaked and adapted from Janelle Bloom)
125g butter at room temperature
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 eggs
2 cups of Cake Flour (Lighthouse Brand)
2/3 cup milk 
1 box Wilton White Fondant
1 black Wilton Black food colouring
1 bottle of apricot jam
Decoration ~ Royal Icing 
  1. Pre-heat oven to 170C. Grease and line base and side of a 22cm round spring form cake pan. 
  2. Beat the butter and sugar until pale and creamy. 
  3. Add egg one at a time and continue to beat. 
  4. Remove bowl from the mixer and add in flour and milk and mix well. 
  5. Pour the cake batter into the cakepan  and bake for 45-50 minutes depending on your oven or until the skewer comes out clean. 
  6. Stand the cake for 5 minutes and remove from pan onto cool rack. 
  7. Leave it to completely cool before cutting the cake into shape.
  8. Repeat for second cake
Fondant ~ knead and mix the food colouring until the desired colour is achieved. Lay the fondant according to the instruction on the box. Remember to set aside some white fondant for keyboard and music book.
Brush the cakes with apricot jam, around, in between cakes and the top surface. Gently lay the fondant onto the cake and cut off the excess.

Note : 2 cakes are needed to make the Piano cake. 
I should have bake Chocolate Cake instead... Black Fondant on Butter Cakes is not applealing at all when sliced ... therefore no photos will be included 


  1. She is so adorable! Lovely stories :D and the cake.. OMG !! YOu got to be kidding me. It's so perfect, neat .. so creative :)

  2. I think this cake is gorgeous, so elegant and special! And your doughtier certainly deserves it after all her adventures and laps :-). Happy Birthday to her and to the proud mom!

  3. Great job! have been baking quite a while but still afraid of attempting full fondant cakes.

  4. Lisa, she is a Beauty!
    Happy birthday to her. I love your stories, filled with love and care. She is an amazing girl with a beautiful smile.
    Oh, the cake is gourgeous! Does your daughter play piano?

  5. What a sweet post for your girl! Happy 15th to her!!

  6. Gorgeous cake! Happy Bday to your daughter. :)

  7. A fabulous cake! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.



  8. B;day wishes, hugs and kisses to the not so little mommy's girl :). She is so beautiful and the cake is spectacular Lisa. What we would do for our kiddies...am sure you had tears in your eyes writing this post...big hug to you too.

  9. Such a beautiful "Piano" cake!! Well you said, it is not that appealing when slice it, but it was baked from the heart that matters most. Happy Sweet 15th Birthday to your sweet young lady!

  10. Kankana
    Thank you :D
    LOL ...its far from neat nor perfect, cant quite see the crease because of the black fondant :)

    Cooking Rookie
    Thank you :)

    Family First
    I told my daughter to brace herself if it didn't turn out as expected ... luckily it did :)

    Thank you... :)
    She is a 'Right Brainer' ...plays piano, harp n flute whereby my hubby n I are 'Tone-deaf' ;)

    Thank you :)

    Terimakasih yang :)

    Cheers :)

    Pan Cuisine
    Thank you ... near tears with huge lump in my throat... :)

    awwww thank you :)

  11. Awww shucks... It's so endearing and moving to hear these stories of your daughter. Moving away from home really made me appreciate my parents so, so much (even though it was very sad for them) and that's why I'm sure your daughter will really appreciate you guys and the opportunity. I'm sure Mum's got a lot of these crazy stories of when I was a kid too aih, lol! Well done to her for doing that race, it is extremely selfless of her. And your cake is just super epic lah! So much detail and LOVE in the cake. Happy times!!

  12. Kids, they made us laugh and cry, and a lil bit of heart attack, well..sometimes he he

    Happy birthday to mommy not so lil girl! :)

  13. Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories :). Your daughter sounds like she has a heart of gold, which I'm sure she must have got some of from her mother :). I'm a bit of a muso so I do love the piano cake a lot and will have to make it sometime in my life time hehe will let you know when I do :).

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  14. That is SUCH a beautiful cake..girls of any ages would love this. In fact, I think my brother would like it too. :P Happy birthday to your daughter!

  15. Hi Lisa! Sorry to came here late. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter! I saw this from my phone the other day and immediately shared with my friend who's a piano teacher. She was in love with your cake. :-) Absolutely gorgeous!!! She's such a lucky girl to have a amazing mom who can bake this cake!!

  16. This is one amazing cake! Black fondant is a nightmare to make and you did such a great job with it!

  17. Hi Lisa just saw this post. happy belated birthday to your daughter! The black fondant piano cake is amazing, not easy to make. Your daughter must be very happy to see mummy making her this beautiful cake which fill with love.

  18. Happy Belated birthday to ur 'little' girl! They will always be our 'little' girls..even when we r 80:)

  19. Winston
    Bet your mom lots of stories to tell to your kids LOL :)
    Thanks Winston

    LOL agree 100% :)

    Awww ...thank you :)

    Thank you :)

    awww thanks Nami :)
    I was surprised myself that it turned out ok... I can be a clumsy Claude when it comes to details :)

    Oh yes... I agree with you on working with black fondant :) . I was kneading and kneading until I could feel my shoulder about to comeoff its socket... :)

    Ah Tze
    Thanks Ah Tze... and yes she was over the moon :)

    Hahaha... We always tell them that too :)

  20. A gorgeous musical cake! Happy Birthday to your girl!