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Irish Stew and Irish Soda Bread

April 13, 2012
Me: Sweetie... since you are going to Ireland, shall we try some Irish food at home? E : oh OK... by the way what do you have in mind? Me: Perhaps Irish Stew served with either Colcannon or Champs... E : and what's in the Irish Stew? Me: Lamb's neck with lots of vegetable like swede, potatoes, carrots, peas... etc etc etc E : Lamb's neck?...errr... Its OK mom... you can enjoy Irish Stew when I am not around

Red Beans Ice~Cream

April 05, 2012
  short post... continuation from previous Sweetcorn Ice-cream  post  The weather is cooling off... the leaves are changing into shades of yellow and soon will be brown... grey dark clouds looking heavy and about to burst... and less sun shiny days... Its a sure sign of Autumn... and I am HAPPY...   Autumn in Perth ~ is very mild... compared to Eastern States or countries in the Northern hemisphere... I could still indulge in ice-cream...  without shivers running through my spine I chose to make red beans of many favourite flavours among Malaysians... Other flavours would be Sweetcorn, Durian and Jackfruit. My all time favourite would be all of the above except for durian... I wasn't very keen on Durian or any durian flavours food eversince I was knocked out by XO durian... I had migraine for 2 days ...  Red beans with coconut milk... combine the 2 together...  ... beautiful flavours..  and I can assure you that one popsicle will no