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Monday Muse #7

June 30, 2014
I was trying out my artificial lights... :) Guess not  a lot of tweaking needed to be done when using natural lighting ;P

Monday Muse #6

June 23, 2014
Lens : 105mm f2.8 A- f/10: S- 1/60s : ISO 100 A-f3.3: S-1/400s : ISO 100

Thai Lemongrass Little Bites

June 20, 2014
Are you a " Football or Soccer" Crazy? I AM :D ... a big fan of World Cup.... not into league or Clubs ... just World Cup. I have another football crazy person to join the fun of ooohhing... aaahhing and screaming at the tv screen :D.

Monday Muse #5

June 16, 2014
Taken at night with no flash ( I do not own an external flash :(... ) with a little tweak in LR5 Lens : 50mm f1.4 Af2.8 S1/40s ISO 1600 Af2.8 S1/80s ISO 1600 ...and how to photobombed your siblings good pose ;P Af2.8 S1/80s ISO 1600 Af2.8 S1/80s ISO 1600

Blue Ombre Birthday Cake

June 13, 2014
Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie  

Monday Muse #4

June 09, 2014
Black and White ~ University of Western Australia

Hungarian Cream of Spinach Soup

June 06, 2014
Going back to the my younger days, I only knew how to "enjoy" spinach in 3 ways: mom would either  do a simple stir-fry with garlic, clear spinach soup with sliced onion (later on.... in my adult life... I added some dried anchovies (ikan bills) to it ) and cook spinach in coconut milk with some 'mee suah' (noodles) added in.

Monday Muse #3

June 02, 2014
Sunrise in Kuala Lumpur... on a hazy morning Lens 35mm F2.0 ; f22; S 1/125 ; ISO 100