Semolina Cake with Orange Syrup

Moist and slight chewy Semolina cake also known as Sugee cake served with delightful citrus and bay leaves syrup.

Orange semolina Cake

Easy Muhammara Recipe

Muhammara is a classic Levantine dip made from roasted sweet red peppers (Capsicum), Aleppo chilli, walnuts and pomegranate molasses.

Muhammara recipe

Food and Story

Durian Crepe Cake

Durian Crepe Cake or known as Durian Mille crepe; 
a No-bake cake with creamy and delicious durian creme patisserie

French crepe recipe

Butter Prawns Recipe

Butter prawns, Malaysians favourite dish, with crunchy oats bits and rich creamy egg floss.

Malaysian Butter prawns

Mango and Blueberries Cake

This easy Mango and Blueberries cake is delicious, fragrant cake with fresh summer fruits.

Mango cake

Easy Chilli Prawns Recipe

Easy slightly spicy chilli prawns uses simple, fresh and ingredients that will leave you with sticky fingers and a smile of fully satiated.

Prawns in sweet chilli sauce

Chocolate Passionfruit Brownies

This simple to bake chocolate brownie with passionfruit pulp added, is one of the best chocolate brownies I've tasted. 

easy Chocolate Passionfruit Brownies recipe

Sticky Rice with Fish Floss | Pulut Sambal

Creamy sticky rice serve with spicy fish floss wrapped in banana leaves, 
also known as pulut sambal ikan to Malaysians.

Glutinous Rice and fish floss recipe

Fish Floss | Serunding Ikan

Fish floss (Serunding ikan) (in Bahasa Malaysia)
~ shredded or mashed fish meat cooked in spices,
then stir fry until the fish meat is 'dry, light and airy'. 

serunding ikan

Chap Chye | Asian Mixed vegetables Stew

Chap Chye is an Asian vegetable stew that uses cabbage or chinese cabbage (napa cabbage), dried lily flowers, mushrooms and glass noodles.
Chap Chye taste better the next day.

Asian mixed vegetables stew

Chicken Bak Kwa

Chicken Bak Kwa, thinly sweet meat, cooked over charcoal or broiler, eaten as snack during Chinese New Year celebration. 

rougan (肉干) recipe

How To Make Nian Gao | Kuih Bakul In A Slow Cooker

Making Sweet Sticky Nian Gao in a slow cooker.

Nian gao is a traditional Chinese New year steamed sticky cake

This is an updated post.

Love Letters / Kuih Kapit

Love letters or Kuih kapit is a traditional Chinese New Year thin crispy crêpe like biscuits.

This is an updated post, video on 'How to' make kuih kapit/ love letters is included below.

kuih kapit image

Lemon Curd Slice

A delicious Lemon curd Slice
Lemon curd slices with shortbread base topped with lemon curd.

Lemon curd slice photo

Kale Tomato Beans and Fennel Soup

Hearty Kale Tomato Beans and Fennel Soup for the cold weather. 
This is a copy cat Marks and Spencer's Kale Tomato Beans and Fennel Soup.

Kale Tomato Beans and Fennel Soup photo

Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings

Absolutely delicious Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings.
Make and share these twice fried Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings with friends.

Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings image

Lemon and Elderflower Cake

Copycat royal wedding cake: 
Lemon and Elderflower Cake is a showstopper and celebratory cake of 2018. 

Lemon and Elderflower Cake photo