Homemade Lotus Paste

September 17, 2020
Lotus seed paste is commonly used in Chinese and Japanese dessert. Lotus paste makes a good filling for steamed buns, pancakes and mooncakes. 

Rosemary Sourdough Crackers

September 01, 2020
  Homemade rosemary sourdough crackers using sourdough starter discard

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup

August 10, 2020
Homemade Broccoli Cheese Soup is the ultimate comfort food!

Korean Fried Chicken

July 27, 2020
The best Korean Fried Chicken ever! Crispy twice fried chicken smothered with sweet and spicy sauce.

Kumquat Marmalade

July 16, 2020
A simple kumquat marmalade recipe with no preservatives used.

Turnip Cake

July 09, 2020
Chinese turnip cake is a popular Chinese dim sum dish.

Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

June 24, 2020
Aromatic and tasty Indian Butter Chicken recipe

Easy Homemade Naan Bread

June 10, 2020
Easy homemade Naan bread is soft, pillowy and delicious.