Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry

May 08, 2012
Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry


This Malaysian ~ Nyonya Kari Kapitan/ Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Curry post was scheduled to be "Published' last week, but BLOGGER decided to play up. 
I admit that I am not 'well versed' in computing... all those jargons scares me. Changes, updates, upgrades in softwares freaked me out as I feel that 'something' is lurking and waiting to pounce on me anytime. 

It took me awhile, to finally clicked on that 'Upgrade to Blogger New Interface'... but the story did not end there!. I soon found out that my current IE does not support the new Blogger format, hence I reluctantly made my migration to Google Chrome. 

I was happy for awhile.. discovering the new format, happily typing with my 2 fingers for this post, insert photos....clicked on 'SAVE' button, with the intention to review before 'Posting' the next day.... 
That 'Something' did pounce on me... I returned the next day to review before clicking on the 'PUBLISH' button... to my horror... everything was GONE!!! what's left was just the title!!! 
I am clueless to what did happen... was it me or Blogger?
My question to all my Blogger friends/experts out there... does this sounds familiar and has it happened to you too? I am in the dark... appreciate if  someone could enlightened me on what is going on with BLOGGER new Format.
Now that's out of my chest....

After few posts on International food... We need some spice and chillies in our weekly diet..I am back with our favourite Nyonya Cuisine ~ Kari Kapitan...
Kapitan is a Nyonya-Malay word for Captain... so Kari Kapitan... is loosely translated Captain's curry. 
Preparations prior to any Nyonya dishes is always laborious... but the end result is always satisfying... almost finger licking good

Recipe (serve 4-6)
(adapted and 'tweaked' from Nyonya Flavours)

1 kg drumsticks
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
Oil for deep frying
250ml coconut milk
1 tablespoon finely shredded kaffir lime leaves
1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 tablespoon lime juice

Spice Paste
10 shallots
1 big brown onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 cm ginger
2 cm galangal
1 cm turmeric (fresh or frozen)
3 candlenuts
2 stalks of lemongrass
15 dried chillies – soaked
20g Maggi belacan granules
¼ cup of oil

  1. Marinade chicken pieces with turmeric powder and salt for at least 2 hours (or overnight if time permits). 
  2. Deep fry the chicken pieces until golden. 
  3. Dish out onto the kitchen paper and put aside. 
  4. Blend all the ingredients in the ‘spice’ list into a fine paste. 
  5. Heat about 3 tablespoon of oil in a wok and sauté the spice until its fragrant and the oil ‘split’. 
  6. Add in chicken and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. 
  7. Add coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and brown sugar. 
  8. Season to taste. 
  9. Simmer for at least 10 minutes or until the chicken is tender. 
  10. Add lime juice and mix well. 
  11. Garnish with golden fried shallots. Serve with steam rice


  1. Oh my! this looks so good! Do you deliver? :)

  2. You are not the only one to get freaked out by Blogger changes and nerdy jargon... This curry looks fantastic! My kind of food.



  3. Ayam yang sedap, ngap!! Dear, do yourself a favor. NEVER use IE anymore to save yourself future heartaches. Chrome is the way to go.

  4. I agree with Anh - do you deliver? I'll pay extra :)

    I love chicken cooked on the bone - it's so much juicier and more tender than the boneless, skinless kind.

  5. That definitely is finger licking good! The sauce would be so good on rice!

  6. This an amazing looking curry! And I bet it tastes even better than it looks :-). As soon as I get a second to cook, I am going to the kitchen to make it!

    Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for mentioning RecipeNewZ and for your kind words! I hope this wonderful posts will also find its way there :-)

    p.s. I have not had the same issue with Blogger yet, but now I will save HTML of all my posts before pressing publish :-). Thanks for the warning, and I am so glad you persevered and posted in spite of all the difficulties - it would have been a loss not to see this wonderful recipe :-)

  7. Oh, sedapnya!! Can just go for two plate of rice! I must learn how to cook this, really!!

  8. Omg this recipe is so delicious I am definitely making it one day!! But need wait till holiday cause quite a lot of work to make the paste and deep fry haha. But oh man looks so delicious definitely a dish I can eat a mountain of rice with haha. And in terms of blogger woes, I've never had that issue before but have different sets of issues of my own. Why lah they always cause so much probs! =/

  9. Gorgeous :-) Thanks for sharing on RecipeNewZ!

  10. I want this chicken now.. I mean really I am drooling. Its not almost finger licking.. it is for sure.

    No idea with blogger, but like you anything new in computer freaks me out, even installing or downloading a little something..

  11. I'm about to go to bed and I know your site is the most dangerous one! Your phtography is amazing... those drumsticks start to look like real!!!! I wish I can reach them!

  12. Beautiful photos. Mouth is watering...

  13. Oh, that chicken looks delish! Chicken is not a very good model to work with, but you have managed to make it mouthwatering. Love the recipe and the picture

  14. what a delicious drumstick perfect for dinner. superb

  15. OWH MY...the chicken curry is way too tempting! I love anything with chicken...will love to try this version! :)

    Blogger always like to scare the writers. I had a post published and was able to view it. The next day, I wanted to edit the post, and published it again . But what I saw was just the Title and my signature, the content was missing. Gosh, I had to re-type my whole post! :(

  16. Anh
    Thanks Anh... :D
    Deliver via email? :P

    phew... thought I am the minority in this confusion :D

    Taking your advice... Chrome now :D


    It is finger, plate licking good ;P

    Cooking Rookie
    Its my pleasure to share good news with everyone :D

    err... I did go for second helping :P

    I can picture you with your mountain of rice :P LOL

    you are welcome

    Same 'feeling' here with computer :D

    I do that too before I sleep I'd go wandering and blog hopping... hoping that Iam able to taste some in my dreams :D

    Alyce Culinary Thymes
    Thank you :D

    Thank you :D


    LOVE2COOK Malaysia
    Blogger ~ I know... its annoying isn't it...when all went missing, especially when I typed with only 2 fingers :(

  17. looking at your ayam really make me drooling..yea.something Blogger new interface acting up on me too..I keep switching from old to new if my pix can't upload..

  18. My Asian Kitchen
    Terimakasih :D
    Blogger is so maFan kan :(

    Thank you...
    Happy to join your Food on Friday Fun :D

  19. This looks delicious!! I'll have to make it over the next week or 2!!