Indonesian Ayam Penyet

November 02, 2012
Delicious, hot and spicy Indonesian fried chicken known as Ayam penyet.

Indonesian deep fried crushed chicken


About Ayam Penyet recipe creator

I am honoured to have the talented Tika Hapsari Nilmada of Cemplang Cemplung to be my guest and she will show case Indonesian dish called Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken / Ayam Penyet.

Tika who hailed from Indonesia is a super talented young mom, who manages her time between her career, her family, housekeeping, cooking and her hobby which is photography.
Tika bagged many awards throughout her blogging/ photography years.

Her cooking skills and her photos are an inspirational for late bloomers like me.
Hop over to Tika's kitchen and check out her delicious authentic Indonesian cuisine in her blog.

Ayam penyet

Ayam penyet or Indonesian Fried Chicken

One of Indonesian most popular meat based dish is fried chicken.
From roadside stalls to biggest restaurants have fried chicken on their menu list.

Indonesian fried chicken is totally different with the ones we often see and eat in fast food restaurants.
We, here in Indonesian, seasoned the chicken meat with spices, I mean lots of spices :D.

Therefore, along with this post I keep my promise to Lisa to write about Indonesian Ayam Penyet / Indonesian crushed fried chicken with sambal.
Thank you, Lisa.

Various style of fried chicken offered by each region in Indonesia.
We have fried chicken in yellow spices, fried chicken in crispy flakes and many more.
Every region has its own spices, cooking styles and recipes.
Indonesian fried chicken in yellow spices needs two processes of cooking before serving.

How to cook Ayam penyet

First, chicken braised with ground spices before we can deep fry them.
Despite I  don’t like fried chicken too much, but I’ll enjoy it if it served with coconut scented rice or sambal.

For the sambal itself, I remember I had a dinner with friends few years ago.
We ate crushed fried chicken with special sambal and somehow the taste of the sambal still remain in my memory and my taste buds.

Hot and spicy Indonesian Ayam Penyet

The crushed style dishes offer more variations nowadays and fried chicken is not the only option. When it comes to business competition, people become creative to invent new products.
Surely, customers will get the benefits from this situation.

Condiment to serve with Ayam penyet

Usually all crushed dishes such as tempe, tahu (tofu), meat ball, duck or even catfish use the same chilli sambal.

The chilli sambal is super hot but it will make you eat more and more :D And guess what, the chilli sambal in this recipe has the same taste as the one I tried long time ago. What a nice coincidence !

So, here is the traditional and humble side dish from Indonesia where you eat it with your right hand (forget the spoon, fork and knife).
It normally served on a traditional pottery serving plate.

Don’t forget the warm rice and raw salad.

Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken

Thank you Tika for the lovely post


  1. I believe this must be yet another delicious dish... me too I can't wait to try this one out! You must be cooking it right away already!

    1. I have to cari all the ingredients before I could masak straight away :D... masak Ayam Penyet ~I am sure of that "D

  2. I just fell in luv with Tika and her luvly, charming and beautiful blog...

  3. A beautiful recipe and guest post! This dish must taste so good.



  4. Omg this looks so delicious. And so interesting to hear how the classic ayam penyet varies from region to region. Prior to this my only experience was with the yellow spices one. I want to try them all! Thanks for sharing, Tika. Lisa, do share a photo on Instagram when you try it out too, kay! Haha =D

  5. this is a mouthwatering dish, tika ^^ i love the fiery-red colors. thanks for sharing. and thank you, lisa, for sharing tika's pretty blog.

  6. An awesome guest post, Lisa. It looks mouthwatering!

  7. Lisa,
    Thanks for introducing another new blogger!
    The dish looks absolutely delicious!

  8. Whoa... beautiful photography caught my attention! Nice to meet you Tika! This not only looks beautiful but yummy!

    1. Tika's photos have the same effect on me when I first stumbled onto Tika's space :D

  9. Oh my! This looks so delicious and I'm so hungry now....
    Lovely photos :)

  10. Mmmm , this makes me want to do away with the knives and forks and savour this dish 'a la traditional'.
    Thank you, Tika for sharing and Lisa for hosting:-)

    1. Only one thing that will stop me from eating 'a la traditional'... its the chilli... 20 chilli padi!!! something somewhere somepart will get that 'burning' feeling ;P

  11. Thanks Lisa for invited me to your wonderful blog, it's been an honour ! Glad that your readers love the dish. Even though not everyone loves the hot and spicy sambal that will burn you inside, lol. Hugs and big thanks.

  12. One of my favorite things to eat. Bookmarked!

  13. I'm hungry now.... Hmmm, it so delicious.

  14. Oh, this sound so delicious, my kind of chicken, hehehe ..I went to Bali last week but I don't seen this chicken..

    1. I have tried it and yes it was delicious indeed :D

  15. Wow!!! Sedap, and lawah!!! Must try this out for hubby - he LOOOOOOVES ayam penyet. Thank you both, for a lovely and gorgeous post :)

    1. Memang sedap...
      do note that the chilli is hot and I didn't crushed the chicken on the sambal as my girl cannot tahan pedas :D

  16. I seriously can't wait to try this. Love spicy chicken dishes and this looks so YUM!

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