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Monday Musing #13

August 25, 2014
Macro lens at King's Park I am chuffed... I uploaded this photo to 500px and within 30 mins, I've received the highest pulse (comparing to my others uploads)... doing happy dance :)

Monday Musing #12

August 18, 2014
City waking up to weekend...  Sunrise from King's Park on 15th August 2014 lens: 50mm f1.4 City glowing from King's Park look out point South Perth

Go Chu Jang

August 15, 2014
"Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else"   ~ Ayumi Komura

Monday Musings #11

August 11, 2014
One foggy Friday morning in Perth...transformed the city into Sleepy Hollow  both were captured using iPhone 4S and fiddled in LR5

Beef Spare Ribs

August 08, 2014
  "the next time we are in KL, we'll go and have beef ribs"...

Monday Musings #10

August 04, 2014
looking out to Penang Island from Butterworth, Malaysia taken with iPhone 4S, simple editing using snapseed :D oh did i mention??? snapped from a moving bus ;P...notice some reflections? :D

Spelt Banana Cake

August 01, 2014
I am keeping this post short and sweet...