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Chicken Bak Kwa

January 30, 2019
Chicken Bak Kwa,  thinly sweet meat, cooked over charcoal or broiler, eaten as snack during Chinese New Year celebration. 

How To Make Nian Gao | Kuih Bakul In A Slow Cooker

January 24, 2019
Making Sweet Sticky Nian Gao in a slow cooker. This is an updated post.

Kuih Kapit

January 21, 2019
Love letters or Kuih kapit is a traditional Chinese New Year thin crispy crêpe like biscuits. This is an updated post, video on 'How to' make  kuih kapit/ love letters  is included below. <

Lemon Curd Slice

January 09, 2019
A delicious with shortbread base topped with lemon curd.