Pulut Dakap | Sticky Rice Banana Parcel

August 05, 2016

pulut dakap

We call this Sticky Rice Banana Parcel, Pulut Dakap ("Embracing" sticky rice) or Pulut Dancing ("Dancing" sticky rice) {Pulut = Sticky Rice, Dakap= embrace}

Have a good look at the photo above...don't they look like they are "Dancing" and "Embracing"?
Seriously... I did not made that up ;)

Sticky Rice with Banana
I grew up in a place surrounded by acres and acres of rice paddy fields. It's a vast open space as far as the eyes can see.
Beautiful breath taking sight.
The ground changes colours from murky brown muddy field to lushes green to yellow to brown to bone dry earth, and it starts all over again. 

Pulut Dakap

With abundance of rice grains, its not surprising that some of us (me included), can have rice for breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner.

Just to give you some ideas...
I could have a packet of Coconut Rice (Nasi lemak) for breakfast. Lunch with some Lemang/ Glutinous rice rolled in banana leaf and rendang. Afternoon tea with rice either sweet or savoury and finish off the day with another version of rice called Nasi Dagang :D

And there you are.... rice, rice and more rice :D

Sticky Rice with Banana _ Pulut Dakap

Sticky rice banana parcel is yet another finger food that is eaten either for breakfast or afternoon tea. My mom used to make this for our breakfast on weekends or school holidays, a nice change to my usual margarine, sprinkled with sugar 2 slices of bread.

She'd prepare the rice the night before, wrapped and tied these little bundles of dancing couples for steaming the next morning. It was a joy to wake up to one of these babes :). Filled my stomach till lunch time... but then if I were to have too many of these sticky rice banana parcels, I'd be dozing off half asleep at some corner of my house! Glutinous rice is heavy on the stomach as well as the eyes.

Sticky rice banana parcel, is best as eaten as it is, creamy, salty and some sweetness comes from the banana, but if you wish to be naughty and indulgence.... add some sweet coconut sauce!!!

I bet someone will have to prop his/her eyelid with a toothpick after eating a few of these dancing couples ;P

Sticky Rice with Banana


  1. I must say I have never eaten this before, but growing up without much money in the family, there are plenty of things from Malaysia I do not know about.

    For the past two years I am running a very small Malaysian eating place in NL. Malaysian food is not that welknown in NL, and therefore I am going to make this kuih for my client. AND for myself :) ! Thanks !

    1. Hi Hoong,
      We are small nation compared to the rest of the world but we are rich in food and culture.
      Me too, have yet to discover food from other parts of Malaysia :D

      You are most welcome to use and modify recipe to your liking :D.
      Wishing you success in your effort to introduce Malaysian food in NL :)


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