Authentic Beef Rendang recipe / Rendang Daging Asli

July 01, 2016
The best and most authentic beef rendang recipe.
Beef is cooked to perfection, tender with the full flavor of spices.

Resipi rendang daging yang sedap

What is Beef Rendang?

Beef rendang and all other rendang are said to be from Indonesia.
The difference between Indonesian rendang and Malaysian rendang is most probably kaffir lime leaves (daun asem), used in cooking the rendang.

Malaysian beef rendang or rendang daging is usually served during Eid al-Fitr.
However, do note that Malaysian beef rendang is not the same as Malaysian beef curry!

Rendang is a more flavorful dish compared to curry and uses a lot more spices to make the base rendang spice paste.

And the rendang gravy coats the beef pieces, so every bite is just heavenly and tasty.
And the beef was cooked until tender and almost melted in your mouth.

Glutinous rice cooked in banana leaves

Spices and other ingredients for Making Beef Rendang

Before we start, here are the basic spices required to make rendang.

Some ingredients may be unfamiliar, hence I will attach photos for easy reference.

coriander seeds
a) Coriander seeds

Fennel seeds
b) Fennel seeds

Cumin seeds
c) Cumin seeds

Cinnamon stick
d) Cinnamon stick

e) Black pepper
f) Dried chilies
Dried chilies give more intense flavor compared to fresh chilies

g) Candlenuts

Pandan leaves
h)Pandan leaves

tamarind slices
i) tamarind slices

Lemongrass stalks
j) Lemongrass stalks

k) Fresh turmeric leaves

Palm sugar
l) Palm sugar (or brown sugar if you cannot find any nearby)

m) Kerisik

n) fresh coconut milk ( I used Ayam brand coconut milk or coconut cream)

How to Cook Beef Rendang

Laborious preparation work, I can tell you that.

Whole Spices need to be grounded.

Dried chilies need to be soaked in hot water (or tap water overnight) and then blended with garlic, onion, galangal, and ginger into a smooth paste.

Desiccated coconut needs to be pan-fried and then blended (known as kerisik or roasted coconut paste)

best juicy beef rendang

The best cut of beef to use for beef rendang is the gravy beef or stew meat.
The tougher cuts of meat are the best to use for rendang!

Once everything is ready, cook on medium heat and let the rendang simmer until the sauce or gravy thickens and the beef is tender.

Another option is to use Instant Pot or pressure cooker, to cook beef rendang.
Time taken will be shorter for the beef to be tender but the downside is that we may have to cook again on the stove to reduce or thicken the gravy.

Cooking beef rendang in the pressure cooker (instant pot) will result in a lot of sauce.

How long does it take to cook Beef Rendang?

As for duration, I would say it very much depends on the type of beef used.
I love to use gravy beef for my rendang, but some love to use other cuts like sirloin.

The downside of using gravy beef is that it will take a long time to cook, and produces such tender and succulent beef if cooked over an hour or more (note: cooking on the stove)
But the end result will give you well-cooked beef pieces with rendang flavor with every bite.

Can I freeze Beef Rendang?

Yes, you can :D I have experimented with freezing a portion of my beef rendang.
No difference in taste and texture.

Advisable not to freeze for more than 3 months.

What if I don't eat Beef?

Worry not!
You can try my easy Chicken Rendang instead. It is much easier, with less prep and less cooking time.

Rendang daging dan lemang

Best beef rendang

Posted on 1st July 2016

Eid and Beef Rendang

It's almost Eid.
Beef rendang and Lemang awaiting.

and I am heading home with a heavy heart :(

Eid is the time when families get together, celebrate the joyous occasion, eat, catch up with one another, visit relatives, and children dress up in new clothes.

It is like the Western world celebrating Christmas.
It's time to re-kindle the family ties.
Parents' faces beamed with happiness, having their children, and grandkids back home again.
Mere words may not be able to describe their happiness, their joyous feeling.
One look at them, you'll know!

My last Eid celebration with parents and siblings was in 2004, the year we made our big move to Perth.
I haven't been back since... sad on my part :(

I am heading home to celebrate Eid with my siblings in a few days.
As much as I am looking forward to celebrating Eid with family, there's one part of me, who dreaded this trip home.

I am coming home with a heavy heart :(
And it'll not be the Eid/ Raya, like the one I used to know.

The Eid/ Raya that I used to know...

I'd be waking up early in the day, walking to my parent's room, plonking myself on her bed, waiting, and watching my mom finishing her morning prayer (I missed watching her...).

Then we'd busied ourselves in the kitchen, heating up rendang, ketupat (triangle-shaped glutinous rice), while waiting for my dad to come home from mosque, so we could have breakfast together on the first day of Eid.

My parents have 6 kids and each of us with our own.

Imagine the chaotic early morning scene!
27 of us: young and old, trying to get ready!!!

One loud voice over another, trying to command and steer their 'ship'

I guessed, our household was the noisiest in the village :D

To me... the highlight of Eid has always been in the morning.
Throughout the month of Ramadan, we seek forgiveness from our Creator.

but that Eid morning, we seek forgiveness from our parents.

The later scene will hit me the hardest!
There'll be no mom and dad sitting on the couch, holding our hands, accepting our sincerity asking for forgiveness.
There'll be no Mom and Dad, giving me a kiss or two on the cheek
There'll be no mom and dad!!!

Pardon me, for this emotional post!

My mom would have been 78 today, and tomorrow marked her 2nd year passing.

It is more than a beef rendang and lemang trip.



  1. Yummy! That's one of my favorite dishes. Haven't made it since very long though...



  2. ... the same for my siblings and me, Mak left us 32 years ago.... Abah 100 days ago.... I am trying to gather everyone this year at my home .... inn sya Allah...... Zaleha

  3. Every time I read about your Eid mornings with your family it brings back so many memories of my own Eids with family. I am going to try this recipe today but have not been able to find pandan leaves, turmeric leaves or sliced tamarind.

    1. Thanks Razena,
      The beautiful moments that we appreciate more and more as days, years goes by.
      Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak to you.


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