Pulut Panggang

May 31, 2013
Malaysian finger food of glutinous rice and spicy coconut and prawn filling.

Charred Savoury Glutinous Rice 


What is Pulut Udang?

Pulut udang is Malaysian savoury finger food. 
Loosely translated, it is known as Charred Savoury Glutinous Rice.

Basically it is cooked creamy glutinous rice filled with spicy prawn sambal, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked again on barbeque pit.

The later will give this pulut udang its 'charred' aroma and taste, as banana leaves caught fire and burnt!
Some part of pulut udang will have that crispy (but not burnt) glutinous rice spot.
This is the yummy part (for me :D )

 Resipi Pulut Udang

Preparation work prior making Pulut Udang?

I had some leftover of the spicy coconut filling from Cucur Badak (last week post).
That is one thing that I must learn to do, cook just the right amount or as the Chinese saying : 'ngam-ngam'... hence no leftover.

You can start making the spicy prawn sambal following the recipe in the Cucur Badak post.

Cook glutinous rice as per recipe down below.

How to Make Pulut Udang?

List of ingredients are listed in the printable recipe card below.

However, I upload a photo showing how to fold and wrap pulut udang.
This is not the best photo, I will update once I make pulut udang again in the near future.

 Cara balut pulut udang
Once you have the spicy prawn sambal and cooked glutinous rice.
Washed and cut banana leaves in rectangle (detail can be found in the recipe card below)
Spread cooked glutinous rice, top with spicy prawn sambal, wrap in banana leaf and secure both ends with tooth picks

 Bakar pulut udang atas barbeque
Cook pulut udang on the barbeque for that extra smoke taste and aroma.

How long can I keep pulut Udang?

Pulut udang is best enjoy when it is hot or warmish if you prefer.

But if there is any left over, if you are living in cold countries than it is ok to leave at room temperature but if you are living in warm / hot countries, it is best to store them in an air tight container and place them in the fridge.

Advisable to consume within 3 days after.

 Malaysian finger food of savoury rice and sambal prawn

 Other Malaysian delights that you might wish to try :)

Pulut Udang literally translated is known as Charred Savoury Glutinous Rice. Basic ingredients are glutinous rice, coconut cream and spicy coconut filling. Wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on barbeque. Malaysian finger food of glutinous rice and spicy coconut filling

What I wrote 31st May 2013.

One idea came to mind... spread that spicy coconut onto a slice of white bread and savour every bite, which, I did, hmmm... after that??; what else can I do with this 'filling' that everyone will enjoy to eat at the same time ?

Rummaging through my fridge, I found a packet of glutinous rice ....

Most of our afternoon delight, finger food or as I called it our Malaysian Bites  are made from the very basic ingredients like coconuts (and its by product), glutinous rice, rice flour, spices, chillies ... as these items are found in abundance in Malaysia.

And the cooking method is simple ~ either deep fry, boil, steam or char grilled or combination of the last two.

Pulut Udang or Pulut Panggang (depending from which states in Malaysia one is from...I hailed from Kedah so its Pulut Udang for me ), ~ steamed glutinous rice with savoury coconut filling, roll in banana leaves, then cook for the second time over open fire.
'Chargrilling' pulut udang will create a slight crust on the rice as well as the aroma banana leaves impart onto the food is heavenly.


  1. Scrumptious and flavorful! That filling is wonderfully spicy.



  2. Hi Lisa
    Pulut udang is my no. 1 "snack" break. Whenever I go to the kueh shop, this is a must for me to buy. (Selling here 1pc is 0.80cents). Oh, you can get banana leaves easily there or you plant your banana tree at your home. It must be costly selling there, right?

    1. I bought frozen banana leaves from Asian grocer...selling for AUD$10/kg. Used to grow one but after years of tener loving care, still refuse to give me bananas :(

  3. Hi Lisa, wah... my favorite too. Yours look extremely good especially the filling. Kasi pass sikit sini....LOL

    Have a lovely weekend, regards.

  4. That looks so delicious...I know I would love this as a snack.

    1. Its easy to make Sarah if you can get the ingredients from Asian grocer :D

  5. Just bought 2kg glutinous rice :-) Coconut filling sounds really amazing.

  6. Ah Lisa I love this look really interesting I have made filling stuff in some leaves (from grapes) but never like this!
    Im following you!

  7. I have seen these in singapore but never tried them. You dish looks so tempting & will try them soon. You have a very nice blog & happy following you.

  8. Hi Lisa! I've never tried this but I love glutinous rice and this sure looks good! ... and I love your BBQ grill!

  9. Oh My Goodnesss!!! I am so making these ... one day...must go find banana leaves in my asian grocer.. LOL

  10. I bet this would make a great dinner! I have always wanted to cook something in banana leaves, as it seems like a great cooking vessel.

  11. Lisa,
    This is my favourite! Haven't had it for too long, thanks for sharing this recipe!

  12. This was a very educational post! I don't think I ever tried this but, boy, do I want to!!!!