Fragrant Coconut Rice/ Nasi Lemak

May 31, 2015

Coconut Rice

Its Sunday....  and I am craving for these fragrant coconut rice known as nasi lemak for breakfast 'sigh' :(

These little packets used to be my Sunday breakfast, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... my almost daily breakfast.
Its fast.... hundred times better than those breakfast sold in the fast food joints, it comes in little serving, hehehe... you feel almost zero guilt... unwrapping these little aromatic parcels wrapped in banana leaf ;P

The photo above was how I remembered my coconut rice/ Nasi Lemak... wrapped in banana leaf and torn pages from the telephone directory :D... 

Nasi Lemak resipi

As times goes by, these little parcels wrapped in banana leaf and pages torn from telephone directory were no where to be found!!!
We had a mass invasion of coconut rice/ Nasi lemak served in polystyrene box :(

Nasi lemak in the market now is not as authentic as it used to be...
Nasi Lemak (creamy rice!!!) was cooked in coconut milk being diluted to almost 95 percent with water, the sambal (chilli) was so hot that almost numb your tongue... impaired your hearing, the 'chilli' heat will travel down oesophagus and a burning sensation felt within your stomach lining as well as around the exit point ... ouch!!! :(

Cooking nasi lemak is easy, simple, delicious and ultra addictive... if using the right amount of everything. 
Its all about balance... the creamy coconut taste that goes well with sambal (chilli paste) that is sweet, hot but not severely hot with a tinge of sour... serve with cucumber to soothe and create that fresh taste before another taking bite... crunchy deep fried anchovies and peanuts to give it another texture to this simple common Malaysian food :D

 Coconut Rice with anchovies

Fragrant Coconut Rice/ Nasi Lemak

serve 4-6

500ml long grain rice
650ml coconut milk (using Woollies Homebrand coconut milk**see footnote)
1 teaspoon salt 
2 pandan leaves washed and knotted
1 cinnamon bark
2 shallots thinly sliced
2 inch ginger julienne
  1. Wash rice and pour onto a strainer to remove as much water as possible. Preferably to leave in the strainer for 10 minutes.
  2. mix coconut milk with salt. 
  3. using rice cooker : place shallots, cinnamon bark and pandan leaves at the base of the pot
  4. add washed rice
  5. pour in coconut milk.
  6. cook rice in rice cooker as per manufacturer instruction
  7. once cook, fluff the rice.
  8. Serve coconut rice with sambal tumis, deep fried crunchy anchovies, boiled egg, cucumber and roasted peanuts
Notes : ** avoid using lite coconut milk!!! 
For the best taste of nasi lemak, use Homebrand coconut cream, mix 1 can (400ml) with 250 ml of water :D


  1. A scrumptious dish! Totally my kind of food. Coconut milk rice is so addictive...



  2. how many grams are 500ml rice? They look very inviting!

    1. hi Angie.
      Its approx 460g. :D
      Using ml is easier for the rice grain to coconut milk ratio

  3. Hi Lisa, I craving for nasi lemak all the time too. Yours wrap with telephone directory and banana leaf looks like those store-bought, so cute!