Nasi Dagang Terengganu

September 05, 2014
Creamy, sticky rice from Malaysia east coast. Enjoy Nasi Dagang with rich creamy fish curry.

What is Nasi Dagang and it's meaning

take #2 on Nasi Dagang
Nasi is rice in English and Dagang is Trading

And put two and two together, we have Nasi Dagang which is loosely translated to ~ "Trading Rice"

Trading could well mean - business trading as vendors selling by roadside or trading as in substitute part of long grain rice with glutinous rice (or on the East Coast of Malaysia, special rice grains were used. Unfortunately, I can't get hold of some here in Oz)
I used red cargo rice when I first cooked Nasi Dagang in 2010.

Nasi dagang is serve with thick creamy fish curry.
Let us rewind the clock, to my younger days.

I remember every year, I spent at least 1 week of my year-end school holidays at my auntie's place (mom's elder sister), and my other aunt (mom's younger sister) lived there too, helping out with house chores plus cooking.
Among many things that my aunt cooked us, worth mentioning, she was fattening us up with breakfast, teatime, lunch, teatime again, and dinner.
Nasi Dagang was one of them.

She used glutinous rice mixed with long grain rice and steamed the mixed rice for 'whatever time that felt like it took forever to a young hungry me!'...

I remembered not venturing far from the kitchen,  the aroma of Nasi dagang steaming on the stove was like a magnet pulling me towards the kitchen...
...hoping that I'd be the first to taste her yummy rice!!

Nasi dagang Terengganu

My take on Nasi Dagang may not be as good as hers ... but this dish brings back good memories
Next curry to go with this scrumptious rice


  1. A wonderfully fragrant rice dish. I love fenugreek.



  2. Your trading rice looks delightful, Lisa. I love the presentation and plating. Beautiful!

  3. I thought I could smell the fragrant of this rice over here by just looking at your pic.

  4. Hi Lisa, Nasi dagang is my family favourite dish, especially my hubby cuz he's from East Coast of Malaysia.
    Thank you for the lovely recipe :)

  5. I remember when mum making nasi dagang it sure took like forever to dig in :p