Kuih Lopis | Glutinous Rice with Dark Brown Sugar Syrup

September 28, 2013

Its that time of the year again...

Glutinous Rice with Dark Brown Sugar Syrup recipe

.... to start Spring cleaning not only my house but my blog too.

Of late, I have been receiving not one but many spammers clogging my comment box. Some go off tangent totally.


Dear spammers, 
why waste your time and effort to type, go through the comment moderations only to be deleted in the end.

...and there are some who took some great effort to write in and criticise: the way I write my post, why I didn't use Cup measurement or didn't use metric measurement or the oven temperature is not in Celcius or Fahrenheit... bla bla bla...
but dare not put their name or email address down, just signed off as Anonymous... act of a coward!!!

To these peeps, I'd say ~
get a life!!! Its my blog, my space. I do what I like and I dont hide behind 'Anonymous'.

Malaysian dessert

My blog is my "happy" place, a platform where this middle-age, menopausal woman can have her voice heard, through her writing, photography and cooking...

***Spring cleaning in progress... pardon for some glitches if you see one...***
to my readers, followers ~ Pardon my rantings... makes me feels better letting off my steam

Keep Calm and Eat some Kuih Lopis

Glutinous Rice with Dark Brown Sugar Syrup

Kuih Lopis is a traditional kuih or finger food, especially among Malaysians living along the Northern corridors of Malaysia.

Kuih Lopis is basically glutinous rice cooked in pandan (screwpine leaves) juice, coat with fresh slightly salted coconut shavings and drizzle with thick brown sugar syrup.
It is rich in taste but a delight to have as afternoon delite.

Sweet Glutinous Rice with Dark Brown Sugar Syrup

As a teen, I didn't have the interest to learn from my mom on how to make this traditional kuih (finger food)... why bother, when I can easily find some, perhaps in the stall round the corner, when cravings kicked in.

But things has definitely changed, no more "shop around the corner" to rely on, the only way to douse my cravings is to make my own.
When my mom came over for a holiday in 2007, I took that opportunity and ask my mom to make me some so that I could watch and learn.
....6 years on...
I am sharing my mom's Kuih Lopis.

Kuih Lopis.

Kuih Lopis / Glutinous Rice served with dark Brown Sugar syrup

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350 g glutinous Rice
400 ml pandan juice extracted from 20 pandan (screwpine) leaves
1/4 teaspoon of green colour paste
Banana leaves
Kitchen string

1 cup Dessicated coconut (dried version and store bought)
2 tablespoon of hot water
1/2 teaspoon salt

Dark brown syrup
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/4 cup water
  1. Place glutinous rice in a medium size pot. 
  2. Add in pandan juice. 
  3. Cook over low fire. 
  4. Keep stirring until glutinous rice absorb all pandan juice. 
  5. Turn off heat, set aside. 
  6. Wipe clean banana leaves cut into 20cm by 20 cm (this is approximate measurement, you can make it smaller or bigger as you wish)
  7. Divide the semi-cook glutinous rice into 4. 
  8. Place onto banana leaf and roll in banana leaves into a bolster like shape. 
  9. Makes sure no split in the leaf and tie up both ends with kitchen strings. 
  10. Submerge the glutinous 'bolsters' into a sizeable pot (to fit and submerge) fill up with water. 
  11. Bring to boil and simmer for 1 hour. 
  12. Drain water n leave it to cool.
  13. Prepare syrup ~ place dark brown sugar into medium size pot. Add water. Bring to boil then simmer until the syrup thicken. Set aside to cool.
  14. Preparing coconut ~ add hot water into dessicated coconut. Add salt and mix thoroughly.
  15. Using a 60 cm non wax thread (fold in 2), and cut glutinous rice 'bolster' into disc. 
  16. Roll glutinous rice disc onto coconut mixture. 
  17. Drizzle dark brown sugar and serve.


  1. Lovely flower pictures. This glutinous rice treat sounds and looks divine.



  2. Nampak memang sedap, Lisa. I love dark brown sugar sugar and coconut - I think they are the best combo ever!

  3. Love the bright happy photos on your post, a nice welcome to spring! I don't think I've had kuih lopis before...is it similar to the chinese dumpling (chang) that uses alkaline water?

    1. Hi Fern,
      I have not eaten chang for a very long time... its not quite the same. Chang is chewy (from what I can recall) and has slight taste of alkaline water, and yummy with dark brown syrup. Kuih Lopis is softer in texture.

  4. so beautiful


  5. Hi Lisa,

    Totally agree that letting off steam sometimes is good!!! Hope that these hot steam can keep bad people off!!! :p

    I like the way you presented your kuih lopis. Very nice!


  6. I didn't like to spend time as a teen in the kitchen with my mom either...actually didn't cook until I got married...well, someone has to cook.
    Your kuih lopis looks awesome!

  7. Lisa, your flower photos are totally impressive!!!
    Of course your kuih lopis also looks mouthwatering :)