Ambarella Juice/ Buah Ambra Juice

January 04, 2013

Toast to the New Year with Ambarella juice :D

Jus buah kedondong

How was your Christmas and New Year Celebration? Hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends over the long December break. 

We had a fantastic time... Managed to complete 90% of our 'To Do/ Must Do' list.
Cooked, Eat.. Cooked again and Eat again...these 2 activitities were not in the list
Had a couple of invites to friends' Christmas Party... and I made for the 1st time ever ~ CROQUEMBOUCHE... to bring ...the only disappointment was the spun sugar kept on breaking up... and Pumpkin with coconut milk Agar-agar too.

I (again), for the 1st time...sorry for sounding like a broken record... roast a turkey and that too turned out moist and juicy... a combination of recipe from Ina Garten's new cookbook, my best friend's tip for the succulent juicy meat and roasting using Elise's (Simply Recipe) method...

... after 10 days on eating...binging was not a pleasant sight to see my weighing scale needle moved few millimeters to the right....aaargggh!!!! served me right for eating like there is NO tomorrow..

Back to my regime ~ going for my 3km walk every morning... taking the opportunity while school is still out for the summer hence NO morning rush... hoping that I shed some kilos 

...but there was a stumbling block to my plan... an element that is beyond my control ~ the WEATHER !! 

Perth had been hit by heatwave in the last week of December...the temperature shot up to 42C.  The mercury kept on rising as soon as the first ray of light hit the walk means I have to wake up as early as 5.30am...ooohhh... torn between comfy bed and achieving svelte figure (hahaha... how I wish for the later!!!); I'd choose my bed more than shedding the kilos ... hehehe

On scorcher days, I'd love to cool down with lots of  iced H2O, Iced Kalamansi Tea, Lemonade... or the naughty sip or two or more... of  icy cold Coca-Cola ...bliss
Buah Ambra

During one of my weekly grocery outings, I found some Ambarella or Ambra or Kedondong or Ma Kok, in the local Asian grocer... fruits were pricey and a bit on the ripe side ... only good for juicing...

What is Ambarella? Click here for its description

Tastewise~ Young fruits tasted sourish and tart while the ripe ones tasted sweet and can be slightly mushy...

I grew up eating lots and lots of Ambarella or the other name I used is 'Buah Ambra'...
...dip the cut up young Ambra pieces into the spicy-sweet prawn paste mixture (locally known as garam belacan) or pickled the peeled fruits in sweet vinegary solution or served as Asian side dish (make into salad or kerabu)

A sweet reminder of  'the good ole' childhood days...
... the drink is cooling... soothing... sweet with a tinge of sourish taste... a definite thirst quencher on hot days!

. Fresh Ambarella juice with salted plums

Ambarella Juice / Buah Ambra Juice 

(Click here to Print Recipe)

5-6 Ambarella –peeled and chopped
300-400ml water
4 tablespoon sugar (adjust to suit your tastebud)
Dried plums (from Asian Grocer)
Ice cubes

  1. Blend chopped Ambarella with water and sugar. 
  2. Sieve into a jug. 
  3. Divide into 2 glasses. 
  4. Add 1 or 2 dried plums into each glasses
  5. Serve with ice cubes


  1. A divine drink!

    Best wishes for 2013!



  2. Hi Lisa, amboi buah kedondong with asam boi, slurrrpppppp............jeruk with kicap, gula and chili padi also best. LOL

    Happy New year to you and family.

  3. i love love love your pics! gorgeous colors, beautifully rustic yet chic at the same time ^^ wish i could do the same for mine. can't say i'm fond of kedondong juice.. but i love that pickled assam in it ^^ hope the weather changes for the better soon!

    1. Keep on taking photos and never ever give up

  4. Hi Lisa! I've not tried this fruit before but can imagine how yummy the cold juice with sour plum would be! Very thirsty now!

    1. Oh you must try the fresh fruits if you come across some :)

  5. Happy new year Lisa... The juice looks delicious and perfect thirst quencher. Nice presentation.

  6. Happy New Year Lisa! Pass me a glass of your refreshing juice please, I've come a long way...hihi!

  7. I want one too! Not sure I have ever seen ambarella before, let alone had one.

    1. If you visit South East Asia, you must try (well at least once :)) the fruit n the juice :D

  8. Happy new year! Mmmm, I remember this..used to buy them cut up from the fruit man outside of school! Yes with kicap, 'hae kow' and chillies..with a stick! Mmm, the juice sounds absolutely refreshing!

    1. Oh yes... I remember it well, the lady or man pushing the cart selling fruits, rojak, all the sweet cordials. :D

  9. Of course this is something that I miss a lot!! Mana boleh dapat ambarella kat London I tak tau la.. :(