Coconut Shake with Honeydew Melon

March 08, 2017
Sweet Honeydew melon Coconut shakes recipe.

Sweet Honeydew melon drink

A glass of green goodness of sweet Honeydew melon with coconut shakes, is taking me down memory lane :)

Sweet Honeydew and coconut milk shakes
It has been almost FIFTEEN years...
15 years, I nearly forgotten the taste, the sweet aroma of honeydew melon mix/ blend with some coconut milk, added some ice cubes and vanilla ice-cream.

I remember making this shake (before I knew the word 'smoothie') when my kids were only up to my waist high. It was after watching a local cooking program on television that I decided to give it a go.
At that time, I have never heard of Nutri bullet or magic bullet. All I ever know was Moulinex blender. Not even food processor!

I can't really call this sweet honeydew drink a smoothie then... there were small bits and bobs of honeydew in the glass.

Sweet Honeydew melon Coconut shakes  with vanilla ice-cream.
Honeydew melon has always been pricey in Perth, plus it comes in much smaller size, slightly bigger than grapefruit.
And few times, it was not as sweet as. 

However, this year, it looked like the year of sweet honeydew! and they were not too expensive either.

Must be the summer rain that brought in honeydew melon bumper crop...

... hence chunky sweet honeydew melon were processed in my trusted Nutribullet with coconut milk... no bits and bobs in the glasses this time!

I can call it a REAL Sweet Honeydew Melon Coconut shakes now.

Creamy sweet honeydew coconut shake with vanilla ice-cream

Honeydew blend with coconut milk


  1. Looks quite tempting topped with ice cream!

  2. oooh this sounds so refreshing and delicious! i forget about using honeydew in recipes bc it's so tasty plain, but i've been missing out on things like this (;


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