Non-Alcoholic Sangria

December 22, 2017
Non-alcoholic Sangria, a zesty summer drink for young and old to enjoy at parties.
Non-alcoholic Sangria recipe with summer fruits

Its that time of year again!

Saying farewell to 2017.
That melancholy feeling build up as time draw nearer to the countdown.
No words can describe that 'feeling'.

Lets not be too emotional on my last post of 2017.

Lets talk about something positive...

I raise my glass of non-alcoholic sangria to everyone :D, and...

I would like to say my million, zillion and trillion thank you to my readers who has given me a platform to voice out (sometimes vent out) and share my food journey.

2017 has been great year for me, I see in increase in subscribers to my blog, YouTube channel,  Facebook Page and Pinterest too. I hope to work on my Instagram next.

My Thank you to everyone (sending everyone hugs and love).

And my thank you to my husband and 2 children who has to put up with all my 'food experiments', who has to wait and eat cold food because mom wants to take photos, and at times my mood swings too :(
Zesty sparkling non-alcoholic sangria

What a better way to finish off the year with this non-alcoholic sangria, with gorgeous summer fruits like strawberries, nectarines, apricots etc.

The taste of this non-alcoholic sangria, reminded me of the summer fruits jelly made by my daughter, in 2010.

Let the sangria mixture steep overnight in the refrigerator and add sparkling mineral water (or Perrier) just before serving. 
Non-alcoholic Sangria, a zesty summer drink for young and old to enjoy at parties.

I am going for a short holiday soon. I will be more active on Instagram especially Insta story :D.

Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

May 2018 be better than 2017, for everyone!!

See you soon :D

Take care.

Thirst quencher non alcoholic sangria


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