Kuah Rojak Buah / Rojak Sauce

December 22, 2022

Rojak sauce or Kuah rojak buah is one of Malaysians favourite sauce to add to sliced fresh crunchy tropical fruits or vegetables.

Cara-cara membuat kuah rojak

What is Rojak?

Rojak is a Malay word that means 'mix'.

If the word Rojak buah is used, it means a mixture of tropical 'crunchy' fruits and vegetables, mix in this rojak sauce and serve as appetiser or afternoon snack!

I enjoyed having rojak sauce (kuah rojak) when mangoes are in season.

Rojak is interchangeable, can be used for food or for language.

And as for language, we would say a rojak language if a person were to speak a mix Malay words with some English (Manglish) or Chinese words mix with english and so forth!

The word 'rojak' is unique to Malaysians!

What is rojak sauce made of?

Photos below will give a quick overview on how to prepare and cook Rojak Sauce!

cili boh
1. Blend chilies till smooth.
Add into a medium size pot.

Cara-cara membuat rojak buah
2. Add sweet soy sauce 

Cara-cara membuat kuah rojak buah
3. Add sweet chilli sauce

Cara-cara membuat rojak buah mak bee
4. Add tomato sauce

Cara-cara membuat rojak buah yang sedap
5. Add shrimp granules or belacan.

Cara-cara membuat rojak buah petis
6. Add dark brown sugar or molasses or sugar

resipi rojak buah
7. Add salt

resipi kuah rojak sedap
8. Cook until thicken. 
There is no need to add flour or corn flour to thicken the sauce.
Once it has cool down, bottled and refrigerate, it will thicken!

resipi kuah rojak simple
9. Set aside to let the rojak sauce to totally cool down.

kuah rojak buah simple
10. Add roasted sesame seeds

kuah rojak resipi
11. Add crushed roasted peanuts.

How to keep rojak sauce?

Rojak sauce is best kept in the refrigerator at all times.

How long can I keep this rojak sauce?

This rojak sauce is best eaten within 3 weeks.

Kuah rojak buah

Video on How to Cook Rojak sauce

Kuah rojak buah yang sedap

Posted on 22nd February 2009

Not only Ang Moh has 'dips.'..'Malay' pun ada

My dear friend, Janet gave me some jambu air (bell fruit)...so the thought of garam belacan (kampong dip) came to mind......

I remembered when I was much.. much... younger then, during mango season... the girls in my family would love to sit around in the afternoon, savouring... young mangoes with 'garam belacan' (Northern slang). We would pound some chillies (the hotter the better!), sugar, otak udang (or petis to the southerners) and belacan. Then we'll add kicap manis.... then it was like......hmmmmm, it is just like the Ang Moh's 'dips'.. you dip the sliced sour young mangoes into this 'garam belacan'....


  1. OMG you can even find jambu air here! What a treat to dip in that garam belacan.

  2. And its in season now... fr Janet's neighbour, he grows all kind of veg.. even pokok pandan pun ada!!