Putu Kacang / Mung Beans Cookies

August 14, 2012

Putu Kacang

Putu Kacang or Mung Beans Cookies is one of my 'Must Indulge' cookies... I love traditional cookies.

Its that Time of the year again... time to celebrate our 'victorious' achievement after one whole month of soul searching, soul cleansing by fasting in the month of Ramadan....and  time to be with family and friends to celebrate...
and of course...
Its time to feast on Festive food like Lemang serve with  Beef Rendang or Serunding and indulge in Festive cookies like Samperit, Bahulu,  Pineapple Tarts, Kuih Makmur and Putu Kacang.

Years ago when I first arrived in Perth... every Eid, I'd be craving for Putu Kacang... who else can I turned to, but my mom. As far as I remember, mom didn't make any Putu Kacang before... but she has some ideas of how to  or at least she must have seen how it was done when she was young...

This was what she told me over the phone:
Its very easy... dry roast the mung beans in a pan till it has a tinge of yellow then lightly smashed and separate the membrane from the kernel, grind into a fine flour, mix with fine sugar and sprinkle some water ... press into the moulds, gently tap the Putu Kacang out of its mould and leave it under the sun to dry...

Gluten free Mung beans cookies

Mom said EASY... woohoo...I was so excited... Finally I was able to make and indulge in Putu Kacang...

I went out to the Asian Grocer... I purchased 500g mung beans without skins/membrane .. phew... save me 1 step of separating the kernels and the membranes...
Did the frying as mom told me... it was yellow... so far so good.
The next step was to grind into fine flour... oh Yes I did... try to grind into fine flour... but...

yes there is always a BUT in every story.... nearly 2 hours of grinding...  and sieving, till my hands were 'shaking'... the end result was depressing...
I managed to get less than 100g...did a quick maths... 500g would take me at least 10 hours...
Oh No!!!  I must be mad if I were to continue further...

First Attempt ~ #Abandon

Resipi Putu kacang

Mom's words till ringing in my ear...
After 6 years... I had that itch to try... well, just one more attempt, trying to pacify myself... afterall I could skip the grinding part as I found 1kg packet of Mung Beans Flour.
But 'Success' eluded me the second time round... flour was not cooked thoroughly... "tasted like Beans Sprout, mom" according to E....
Another mistake I made was...'Sprinkled' water into the mix using my fingertips, big droplets of water  was making my Putu Kacang gummy...
Second Attempt ~ # Failed

mung beans cookies

Not wanting to give up... and not wanting to wait another 6 years for my next attempt... I set out to make sure that I 'fried' the flour long enough... and I introduced water into the mix by spraying using the bottle (as per second photo)...

Third Attempt ~ # Sweet Success was MINE

Now I am able to enjoy my Raya indulging  Putu Kacang 

Mung Beans Cookies/ Putu Kacang

Recipe (yield about 100 pieces)

350g mung bean flour
175g icing sugar (extra for dusting)
  1. Dry fry the mung beans flour until light and has a tinge of yellowness (an indication that the flour is cooked thoroughly). Leave it overnight.
  2. Sieve the icing sugar. 
  3. Add into the mung bean flour and mix thoroughly. 
  4. Fill up a small spray bottle with water. Spray onto the mix and stir gently. 
  5. Continue mixing and spraying until you are able to squeeze and the mixture should hold its shape. 
  6. Dust the mould with some icing sugar. 
  7. Fill up the mould with mung beans mix and start compacting the flour mix with your thumb as hard as you can. 
  8. Do overfill these little moulds, to make sure that they are well compacted and use a serrated knife and level them off afterwards. 
  9. Turn the mould over (the cookies are facing downwards) and gently knock these cookies out of the mould. 
  10. It should hold its shape. If not... return the broken cookies into the bowl and re-spray and mix. Note : Do no add too much water... the end result will be gummy). 
  11. Heat up oven to 100C, place the tray of cookies for 5 minutes, turn off  the oven, and leave the cookies in the oven (until the oven cool off). 
  12. Keep in an air tight container.


  1. oh my, seems like hard work to make this, frying, grinding, sieving, etc.... but sedap makan kan? I might make this one day just to try out too.... with hard work, you will appreciate the labour of love in it.

  2. Pretty cookies and wonderful pictures! I love that mould.



  3. AHhh how awesome! I love hearing honest stories of ppl's failed attempts at a recipe in the kitchen (as it always happens to me!) and then sharing what they've learned along the way until they've reached the final product. Very good stuff!! I can tell your "Engineers thinking" helped you a lot in figuring out the problem and then solving it hehe!!

  4. Thank goodness it is not my 'one of must eat' cookies or else every Ramadhan, I will be crying in the kitchen trying to make them :-).
    They do seem like hard work but your putu kacang looks so tempting to make me want to try to make them one day.
    Well done Lisa!

  5. I like the story of your failed attempts, we learn a lot along the way. Beautiful mung bean cookies!

  6. Your mung bean cookies look perfect! I actually have mung bean flour at home but too bad I don't have the mould. Will have to look for another recipe that used mung bean flour!

  7. These cookies look absolutely amazing and perfect:)
    Im following you:)

  8. I have a faint memory that I have tried these cookies before but somehow cannot recollect when ....

    Your mung bean cookies looks so delicate and beautiful.

  9. Mel
    Memang sedap... Memang syiok :D

    Thank you :)

    Its not all success in my kitchen too ;)

    Thank you... I'll cherish every bite :D
    You inspire me to make kuih gunting too ;)

    That is so true... Failures and disaster makes us a better cook... :D

    Thank you ... perhaps other alternative mould? :)

    Thank you :)
    and I followed you too :D

    Thank you :D

    To Veronica
    I was lost in translation as Mr Google was trying to translate from Italian to English ....anyway my Thank you for your comment :)

  10. Kudos to you for this endeavour! I can't even imagine what they taste like.

  11. They look absolutely perfect!! :-)

  12. Wow beautiful cookies!!! Your photos are stunning Lisa! I always like your natural and little bit Asian rustic feeling of it.

  13. saw this post @Asian Food Channel fbk page....They look so delicious.I have seen these moulds in Singapore,but didnt know the exact recipe.Hope I will be able to make these cookies....

  14. Looks so beautiful..Never tried before. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. These are so pretty! Would love to give these a try soon.

  16. Red Star Lone Star

    terimakasih :D

    Thank you Nami... I have been wanting to 'catch' the morning sun and finally I nailed it :D

    Thank you Amy for dropping by :D

    you are most welcome :D


  17. These are so unique! I've never tried a cookie with mung bean flour but I'm very intrigued.

  18. beautiful cookies Eid mubarak to you and family

  19. Salam Sejahtera! I was amaze with your Putu Kacang and craving it for a long time. My aunty from Pekan, Pahang used to make it. I just wonder where do you get the mould. Your putu kacang look great!


  20. Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe. My grandmother used to prepare the mix n i remember as kids, pressing and turning the putu kacang out. With the malaysiam weather we just dried them! I really want to try this n younhv just given me the courage to do so. Btw, your mould is gorgeous - Zaharah, Shah Alam

    1. Thanks Zaharah for visiting
      It is quite leceh to prepare since mengidam punya hal, I took up the challenge :D
      Selamat mencuba :D