Fish Floss | Serunding Ikan

March 04, 2019

Fish floss (Serunding ikan) (in Bahasa Malaysia)
~ shredded or mashed fish meat cooked in spices,
then stir fry until the fish meat is 'dry, light and airy'. 

serunding ikan

The famous Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan) in Malaysia

I grew up in a small village not far from fishing village in the northern part of Malaysia.
The journey would take us at least 20 minutes drive, to go to this fishing village back then.

Kuala Kedah is the place where fishermen would sell their catch of the day for a much lower price than the market.

And Kuala Kedah is famous for its fish floss (serunding ikan).
Lucky me, I managed to get this nearly as authentic as my hometown fish floss (serunding Ikan) recipe from my school mate.
Thank you Najmi <3 p="">

Star ingredient to make Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan)


It ain't fish floss without fish, ;P !

The type of fish used to make fish floss (serunding ikan) would be another contributing factor to have a delicious fish floss with light and (almost) fine texture.

For this recipe, I used Threadfin bream (photo below) or ikan kerisi (in Malay).
Threadfin bream is not expensive, easy to get and the flesh is so sweet and fresh.

We love to deep fry Threadfin bream. Naughty but its so good :).

Read the recipe section below on how to prepare the fish and other spices used to make fish floss (serunding ikan).

ikan kerisi ikan kerisi yang sudah di masak tulang ikan isi ikan kerisi resipi serunding ikan kerisi

How long to cook Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan)

It took me at least 2 hours from start to finish to have this light, airy spicy Fish Floss | Serunding Ikan.

Just a friendly reminder, do not leave fish floss (serunding ikan) unattended on the stove.
As the mixture is pretty wet, it will tend to stick to the bottom of the pot.
Just to avoid fish floss (serunding ikan) getting burnt!

Whats good with Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan)

We serve our fish floss (serunding ikan) with steamed creamy glutinous rice {stay tune for my next post on this mouth watering delicacy, my favourite, pulut sambal (glutinous rice and fish floss (serunding ikan))}

serunding ikan kerisi

What to do with left over Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan) 

This recipe yield 400g of the delicious fish floss (serunding ikan).
Wanting to experiment a little, I keep the fish floss (serunding ikan) in an airtight container and keep them in the freezer.

They keep well in the freezer for at least 3 months, just thaw them in the kitchen, to bring it back to room temperature.
To enjoy fish floss (serunding ikan), just sprinkle some on bread or with steam rice.

My next post will be fish floss with creamy glutinous rice.

Alternative to fresh fish in making Fish Floss (Serunding Ikan)

Instead of using fresh fish, one can make fish floss (serunding ikan), by using dried anchovies.

Anchovies floss | Serunding ikan bilis can be a tad too salty due to the massive salt used to preserved these anchovies.

I link to my 9 year old anchovies floss (serunding ikan bilis) recipe above.

serunding ikang yang sedap