Pineapple Tarts Recipe

January 23, 2016
These Pineapple tarts or Pineapple cookies are small bite size pastry filled with pineapple jam

Pineapple tarts

Is it a Tart or Cookies?

Isn't it puzzling? 

It sure looks like cookies rather than tart, right?

I have no answer for why it is called pineapple tart and not pineapple cookies. 

As far as I can remember, ever since growing up, these gorgeous cookies are known as pineapple tart!

If any of my South East Asian readers can elaborate on this, I would appreciate your input.

It is not our everyday cookies. We usually baked them for Chinese New Year or for Eid celebrations.

What is This Pineapple Tart?

Pineapple tart is a bite-size soft pastry filled with pineapple jam.

It's buttery, soft, and melts in the mouth with every bite. 

In Indonesia it's called Nastar, two words combined, pineapple is nanas and tart is tart.
Smash the two words it becomes Nastar (naNAS and TARt)!

Shapes and Sizes of Pineapple Tarts

If you Google pineapple tarts, the chances are high that you may see that these gorgeous pineapple tarts come in many shapes and sizes.

Some baked them in marble-sized balls, some baked an open pineapple tart shaped like opening flowers, and some shaped them into miniature pineapples.

The dough mix will be of different ratios too.

But for my pineapple tart recipe below, the dough is so soft that using the Nastar mold is highly recommended.

Where can I get the mold?

If you are in Perth, you can get this Nastar mold from the Asian shop that sells all Asian/ Malaysian kitchenware in Canning Vale.

Otherwise, look on ebay: search for 'Pineapple Tart mould'

How do I store these lip-smacking Pineapple tarts?

Once cool, stack these homemade pineapple tarts in an airtight container.

Handle them with care as they are soft and crumbly. :D

How long can I keep them?

My kids can finish them off within 2 weeks.

I got this recipe from my sister, and she used to bake for my mom. 
My mom, she was a 'keeper' and she kept these pineapple tarts in an air-tight container for at least 2 months. 

My advice is Don't keep it for too long :D. 

Share with neighbors and friends.

Easy pineapple tart recipe

You might want to bake these cookies too, join me in our celebrations.

These are Malaysian traditional cookies.

Pineapple Tart Video

I have done a video on 'How To Make Pineapple Tart' for ease of understanding.

Anyway, you can print the recipe in the recipe card below.

These Pineapple tarts or Pineapple cookies are small bite size pastry filled with pineapple jam.  The cookies are soft and melt in the mouth.

This is just my storytelling post published on 23rd January 2016
just in case you wish to read.

I love keeping them. These little stories serve as memories I had with food growing up.
Another celebration is looming....

Monday, February 8th (number eight is an auspicious number to the Chinese - it represents wealth *big grin*)... the start of another New Year, Chinese New Year!
We'll be welcoming the Year of a Monkey :D

Chinese New Year (CNY) also known as Spring Festival has more than 4000 years of history. It's just like Christmas to the Western world, where the family gets together, we call it a "Family Re-union". It's more of a tradition than a religious celebration.
The young will be heading home to their parent's home... and there'll be lots of cooking, eating, mingling with extended family members, and catching up with friends.
For children, young adults, and unmarried... their pockets will be heavy with small red packets/ envelopes containing $$$.
All I could see on my newsfeed on FB ... everyone was busy baking and sharing CNY cookie recipes. Feels like I am slacking... have not even started planning yet, maybe because the CNY ambience is not felt here... no CNY songs playing on the radio, not CNY TV commercial to jump-start my mood 'sigh'... and no long traffic jam-packed road to endure :(

There is nothing in my pantry that screams... "hey!!! It's going to be Chinese New Year soon!!!"
This lips-smacking... melt-in-the-mouth cookies were baked as Christmas gifts to my lovely neighbors.

I will do a post on what we usually feast during the first 15 days of Chinese New Year...
Promise... next post :D

Till then...


  1. Replies
    1. :D. It is a CNY classic. Must lots of 'Ong' or luck during CNY ;P

  2. pineapple cakes are one of the things i don't even think about trying to make at home! but they look so easy (your video was gorgeous, by the way!) that i'm feeling inspired to try them this new year (:

  3. Lisa, I knew this is going to be a good one just by going through the recipe. I tried one without the cornflour(same recipe), its good but still not satisfying. I guarantee I'm going to love it. Enjoy & have fun baking !
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Hi Kristy,
      Yes I have tried one without the magic flour(cornflour) ... didn't taste as good

      Gong Xi FaCai

    2. Just mentioned you on my latest post >o<

  4. I love pineapple! These looks like such easy treats to make, can't wait to try!

  5. I've never seen these before, but they look wonderful. I think I need to eat some for a great new year!

    1. Asian grocer near you may have some around this time of the year...worth checking it out.

  6. My mom is flying over to spend Chinese New Year with us and her grandkids in Dubai so I can't wait! I will try to convince her to make this recipe with me - looks wonderful.

  7. I love pineapples and such a unique way for incorporating it into a cookie. Looks so easy to make and I am definitely going to try it :-)

  8. Can this recipe be used for open-top pineapple tarts?

    1. I can't say for sure...have yet to try making open top pineapple tarts using this recipe. The dough is soft.

    2. yours similar to my recipe for open tart.
      200g butter
      300g flour
      2 egg yolk
      4 tbs corn flour
      3 tbs icing sugar
      1 tbs ghee

      instead of mix butter n sugar sampai kembang. i guna breadcrumbs method
      give it a try :) dough need to rest in fridge for 30 min.

  9. this i must try soon

    Reen Nasreen

  10. How many tarts does this recipe make? I have 2 fresh pineapples that are relatively large, just hoping I don't get much leftover dough or filling. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Approximately 80 pcs but it all depends on the filling. The bigger the ball the more dough is used hence less number of tarts :D

    2. Hi Lisa,
      This pastry is really melt in the mouth and so soft! It does make quite a big batch. I only managed to use half of it for the amount of filling that I had (about 500g). What do you suggest I do with the rest of the dough? Do you have other recipes that use the dough like this?

    3. Hi Sandy,
      I am the opposite... I had left over jam.

      Perhaps you want to try strawberry jam thumb print. Its only a a suggestion :D


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