Kuih Makmur

July 16, 2015

Ghee cookies is also known as kuih makmur in Malaysia. 
Its melt in the mouth eggless ghee cookies/ kuih makmur filled with crushed peanuts

Kuih Makmur

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Another old, re-visited recipe from an old post... eggless Ghee cookies / Kuih Makmur.
One of my top search post, at this time of the year, when everyone is busy baking cookies for Eid-ul-Fitr celebration.

With one sleep to go before celebration starts..... let's start baking  :D

Don't forget to scroll past the photos for the video on how to make these gorgeous, delicious cookies that melts in you mouth thus melts your heart with it!

kuih makmur sabah

How to make Kuih Makmur

Kuih makmur | Ghee Cookies is so easy to make. 
It doesn't require eggs nor sugar in the dough.

It's a straight forward mixing the flour and ghee until both coms together.
Below are some photos to show how easy it is to make kuih makmur
1. All purpose flour and ghee

2. Mix to a dough

3. Fill up with crushed peanuts (sugar added)

4. Roll into marble size balls
5. Ready for baking

6. Once kuih makmur has completely cooled down, then coat each kuih makmur with icing sugar

How to store Kuih Makmur | Ghee Cookies

Store kuih makmur | Ghee Cookies in an air tight container.

Kuih Makmur can be kept for at least 3 weeks in an air tight container but trust me, they will vanish as soon as the jar is open. 
Kuih Makmur is very more-ish and an Eid-ul Fitr delights.

Resipi kuih makmur

 Kuih makmur or ghee cookies is Malaysians favourite traditional cookies for Eid. These melt in the mouth eggless ghee cookies/ kuih makmur filled with crushed peanuts


  1. Never had cookies made with ghee...these look so pretty and I love that peanut filling!