Easy Strawberry Preserves

November 24, 2021

This easy homemade delicious strawberry preserve recipe, is perfectly sweet and does not require canning.
Simply store them in a jar.

 strawberry preserve


Homemade Strawberry Preserve

One of the easiest, delicious preserve to make!

Only 3 ingredients required to make this strawberry preserve; strawberries (of course!!), sugar and lemon juice. 
No pectin or sugar with pectin is needed to make this preserve.

This strawberry preserve is soft, spreadable and anyone can make strawberry preserve at home.
You can make strawberry jam using the same method.

Homemade strawberry preserve or strawberry jam is always better than the store bought and we can control the amount of sugar goes into our jam!

What is the difference between Strawberry Preserve and Strawberry Jam?

The method to do both; jam and preserve is the same.

To make strawberry jam, one has to cut up strawberry into smaller pieces, or blend the strawberries and cook with sugar.
Strawberry preserve uses the whole strawberry or if halved strawberries if they are big.

I prefer strawberry preserve than jam :D

 easy homemade strawberry jam

How to Make Strawberry Preserve?

Full recipe and method is at the end of this post.

1. Only 3 ingredients required : strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.

 fresh strawberry
Wash and halves bigger strawberries

 Sugar : either raw sugar or white sugar.

making strawberry preserve
And lemon juice (not shown here)
Mix them all up in the a pot that can fit all in.

 cooking strawberry jam
2. Cook on low heat until the mixture reach 104C.

 how to test that jam is ready
If you don not have a thermometer, then place a spoon in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Drop some preserve mixture on the spoon.
Dip your finger into the preserve, and the 'stringy' effect is what we are after.

 sterilise bottles
3. Sterilise bottles, jars and the caps.

 A bottle of strawberry preserve
4. Fill up the bottles and refrigerate immediately.

 strawberry preserve on toast
5. Enjoy your strawberry preserve on toast or 
 strawberry preserve on lemonade scones
with some scones and cream.

How to store Strawberry Preserve?

Best keep this strawberry preserve in glass bottles.

Why use glass bottles?

Glass bottles are easier to sterilise either by boiling water method or low heat in the oven.

Once you have fill up these sterilise bottles with strawberry preserve, keep them in the refrigerator.

Too many bottles?
Share some with your family, friends and neighbours.

 jam recipe strawberry

How long Strawberry Preserve last in the refrigerator?

Strawberry preserve best used within 2 weeks.

If you think that you are not able to finish them in time, then place them in the freezer.
Thaw in refrigerator overnight before using.

Can I use frozen strawberries to make preserves?

Yes, you can.

But using fresh strawberries to make preserves is always best.

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Video on How To make Strawberry Preserve

 This easy homemade delicious strawberry preserve recipe, is perfectly sweet and does not require canning.  Simply store them in a jar. Learn how to make strawberry preserve without pectin, only 3 ingredients required to make this strawberry jam; fresh strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.

Posted on 23rd October 2010

Strawberries are cheaper this year... A punnet of 250g could fetch about AUD$1.99 in some supermarkets.. I love to do my shopping at the last hour before closing time. shopping is not a breeze at that hour... there will be millions of shoppers... I know.. :) I exaggerated about 'million' shoppers... but I sure felt like it...with everyone's trolleys in everyone's way... we are suckers for good bargains... It brings back good memories during my 'student days'...living on a budget... After an exhausting day running from one lecture room to another... came home ~exhausted and in no mood to cook.. not even to fry an egg!!... :) I'd hopped (I lied...not hop but walk ..:))to the nearest supermarket (that would be Safeway in High Street Kensington~if its still there)... grabbed yoghurt tub for 20p, sandwiches for 60p... and fruits for a song... Came home feeling happy and contented for that day....  We fast forward 20 years on... I am still the same... Old Habit die Hard... love bargains... and these strawberries were sold in Coles for 99cents/punnet last week... I bought 8 punnets and 6 goes into making jam....


  1. What? The jam is gone! Nothing left for me ? ;O

  2. Your jam looks delicious!

    I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new food photo gallery showcasing beautiful and flavorful baking.

  3. tigerfish,
    ooopsie... next time I'll leave you some... :)

  4. Bakeolicious,
    I would love to.. and thank you :)

  5. Lucky you getting a bargin! I paid $3.98 a punnet at Wollies this weekend as I really needed them, and I resented it! That jam looks lovely, Yumm...

  6. The InTolerant Chef,
    bumper crop this year. that's why we get it cheaper..:)

  7. i made strawberry jam too! it is amazing- Love your photos!

  8. Homemade jam tastes so much cheaper and fresher! I like the styling of these photos.

  9. Sad to say that berry days are over for us. Only apples, pears and pumpkins now =(

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