Homemade Easy Lemon Curd

October 18, 2018
Quick, easy, sweet, tangy, delicious and versatile homemade Lemon Curd
(an updated post from 2009)
Lemon Curd Photo


Taking the old saying (literally) at heart.
When Life gives you lemons... make lemonade!!

My puny lemon plant has given me abundance of lemons.
Not only I made lemonade out of some of 50 odds fruits, I made preserve lemons, lemon poppy seed loaf, almond and lemon syrup cake and of course Lemon Curd.

I had a lot of LEMONS!

Quick and easy lemon curd photo

The scent of a Lemon

I love lemon curd, and making lemon curd from scratch, is kind of therapeutic for me.
It may come across as weird, promise you... its a good kind of weird.

Have you tried bruise lemon skin a little and inhale? Notice anything?
Notice the sudden surge of calmness and relaxation flowing through your body?
It works on me :D


How To Make Lemon Curd

As mentioned earlier, at the top of the post, this is an updated old Lemon Curd post, which I wrote in 2009.
Some of my old posts need some serious 'fresh air' so to speak.

And this Lemon Curd post is one of many that I plan to re-visit and 'overhaul'.

I upload a quick pictorials on how to make lemon curd, as photos below :).
And there is a video on 'How To make Lemon curd', before the recipe card below.

Steps to make Lemon Curd

lemon and zest photo

1. This is the best part... grating/ peel to get lemon zest.
Only 5 g of lemon zest is required.
Too much lemon zest would make lemon curd has a slight bitter taste to it.

lemon juice image

2. squeeze about 125 ml of lemon juice.
Notice that I mix 2 types of lemons. The lemons I harvested from my puny lemon plant is from Lots of Lemon variety.

Lots of Lemons variety has a deeper yellow, rind and flesh. Its more juicy but sour.
It has more tang than any lemons I have come across.

The other lemon variety (I don't have a clue) has a lighter yellow, rind and flesh, with thicker skin.

fresh eggs for lemoncurd

3. Fresh eggs - lightly beaten

cook lemon curd over double boiler

4. Use double boiling method or Bain Marie.
Making sure the bottom of the heat proof bowl do not touch the boiling water

This is to give you some ideas of the process involved. For more detail measurement and steps, scroll to the end of the post for recipe.

delicious lemon curd

What type of lemon to use in Lemon Curd making?

Making this sweet yet tangy lemon curd is quick and easy. I could summarise them as per photos above : zest, juice, eggs - sugar mixture and butter.
Hence lemon curd is also known as lemon butter by some foodie.

I have used varieties of lemons for my lemon curd, but, the best lemons that I have used for my lemon curd making is Meyer lemons.

Meyer lemon has a sweet 'undertone' (if I may use the word) taste to it.

Unlike most lemons, the ones I used to make lemon curd for this post has a sharp tang/ sour taste.

Slightly more refined sugar is needed but one will not get the same 'sweetness' coming from Meyer lemons.

homemade lemon curd photo

Homemade lemon curd

is very quick and easy to whip up.

All efforts in putting in making lemon curd makes it all sweeter than any lemon curd jar bought from the supermarket.

No preservatives! No colouring!!

And look at that colour!!!
So vibrant :D

Lemon curd makes an excellent spread for scone and toast or as tart filling.