Kaya / Coconut Curd (jam)

April 11, 2016
Coconut Curd (jam) recipe

Kaya... have you heard of Kaya?
Kaya or Coconut Curd (jam) ~ a delicious spread made from eggs, coconut cream and sugar. Delicious with toast and morning coffee. Kaya consist of eggs, coconut milk and sugar, cook over low heat (by double boiling or steaming).

7 or 8 years ago, I was dabbling, trying to make coconut curd/ jam or KAYA, but...the Kaya I made, did not turn out well.... it was a total disaster!!! What I had in my pot was a big lump of overly sweet scrambled eggs... :(.
It might turn out ok if I were to cook the egg-coconut mixture using double boiling method instead of cooking on direct heat from stove. 
Took me years to try again ;).

A little more persistence, 
A little more effort, 
And what seemed hopeless failure 
May turn to glorious success. 
~Elbert Hubbard

...the end result was rewarding :D

Kaya / Coconut Curd (jam)

Kaya means Rich. :D 
I love to eat Kaya! hoping to be ‘kaya’  ;P but most likely my body will be ‘kaya’ with cholesterol :( after finishing 2 bottles ;P

Spread generously this sweet creamy coconut-ty taste concoction on warm toast...pair up with black coffee and half boiled egg (add a dash of soy sauce and white pepper)...  there you have it... a typical Malaysian breakfast.

Kaya / Coconut Curd (jam)

Kaya / Coconut Curd (jam)


    250g egg yolks
    250g coconut cream
    150g sugar
    50g molasses
    2 pandan leaves - washed, pat dry and knotted
  1. Beat egg yolk and strain into a heat proof bowl. 
  2. Using double boil method, boil some water in a saucepan (bowl should snuggly fit onto the saucepan, so steam could escape and the base must not touch the boiling water). 
  3. Add sugar and whisk. 
  4. Add knotted pandan leaves and coconut cream. 
  5. Lower bowl onto the saucepan, lower the heat. 
  6. Keep stirring as you are making custard. 
  7. Cook until the coconut-egg mixture thickened and sugar has dissolved. 
  8. Remove from heat. 
  9. Leave it to cool before keeping them in jar and refrigerate. Note : 2 small jars lasted a month in my refrigerator. 
  10. Enjoy Kaya with toast and black coffee every morning.


  1. Looks delicious. I never thought about coconut jam. Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for dropping by Keith. Since Malaysia has abundance of coconut, so jam it is ;)

  2. Is this like Malaysian version of custard? Sounds delicious. I have heard "Kaya" but never made it myself. I would love to try it soon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You are right, Shihoko, its like custard but sweeter, thicker with rich creamier coconut taste.

  3. Ooh! My dream come true! I love jam and I love coconut too! This sounds awesome!

  4. Hm... made rather like lemon curd, but with the flavor from molasses and coconut cream! Very different, for me, and sounds delicious.

    1. After failing at my first attempt, I decided to make Kaya just like making lemon curd ;)

  5. I have never tried or heard of kaya but this looks super good! Can't wait to try it!

  6. Hello Kaya! You are going on my to make list. Cause it would really make my taste buds happy. YUM!!!


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