Easy Kaya Recipe

November 19, 2020

Sweet and creamy coconut jam known as Kaya.
Kaya is a very popular spread on toast in Malaysia and Singapore.

 Kaya Jam

What is Kaya?

Mentioned Kaya, and I am all ears, as kaya is one of my favourite breakfast spread on toast.

The word Kaya itself, in Malay means rich, which describe this coconut jam well.
It is rich in flavours and Kaya or Coconut jam is a delicious spread made from eggs, coconut cream and sugar.

With few ingredients (refer to my printable recipe card below), and my fool proof method of making kaya in bain marie, you are guaranteed  to have the best kaya jam ever to spread on your warm toast!

 coconut jam

Making Kaya not the traditional way!

In the olden and golden days, making kaya or coconut jam was a tedious process.
One has to stir and stir the egg-coconut cream mixture over slow fire until thickened.
It can take hours.

And if you are unlucky, you just has to pour all your hard work making kaya into the drain.
What you would have is a gloop of sweet scrambled eggs!

It happened to me years ago, read my old post at the bottom of this page.

Making kaya using bain marie method is my solution!

Ingredients to make Kaya Spread?

Scroll down for full list of ingredients and "How To" method.
 Palm sugar1. Palm sugar or coconut sugar
Chopped into pieces (the smaller the better for the sugar to dissolves)

palm sugar and caster sugar
2. Caster Sugar
 You can use raw sugar
Coconut  cream
3. Coconut Cream 
As I am not able to get fresh coconut milk, this is the best option.

egg yolks
4. Egg yolks

5. Pandan leaves

How To Make Kaya?

 Mix all ingredients for kaya
1. Mix all ingredients in a heat proof bowl.

 Add pandan leaves to kaya bowl
2. Add in knotted pandan leaves

 Making kaya in bain marie method
3. Using bain marie method, cook and stir kaya until sugar dissolves.
Refer to recipe card below for the rest of the steps.

Tips on How To Make Kaya 

1. Cut sugar into smaller pieces 

2. To use coconut cream  instead of fresh coconut milk.
Do not shake the can prior!
Scoop the cream carefully and try to minimise scooping up the water (which left unshaken, the water sits at the bottom of the can)

3. I use egg yolk only. 
Egg white has water in them and a bit too tricky to handle and it will take longer time to cook kaya!

 Kaya toast

How long can Kaya be Kept?

As this is homemade Kaya spread without any preservatives, it is best to keep kaya in a glass jar in your fridge!

I will not recommend leaving a jar of Kaya in room temperature.

Best eaten within 2 weeks.

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A quick Video on Making Kaya!

A quick video for your easy reference.

 Malaysian coconut jam recipe. Kaya or Coconut Curd (jam) ~ a delicious spread made from eggs, coconut cream and sugar. Delicious with toast and morning coffee.

As posted on 11th April 2016

7 or 8 years ago, I was dabbling, trying to make coconut curd/ jam or KAYA, but...the Kaya I made, did not turn out well.... it was a total disaster!!! What I had in my pot was a big lump of overly sweet scrambled eggs... :(. 
It might turn out ok if I were to cook the egg-coconut mixture using double boiling method instead of cooking on direct heat from stove.  
Took me years to try again ;).

A little more persistence,  
A little more effort,  
And what seemed hopeless failure  
May turn to glorious success. 

~Elbert Hubbard 

...the end result was rewarding :D 
Kaya means Rich. :D  
I love to eat Kaya! hoping to be ‘kaya’  ;P but most likely my body will be ‘kaya’ with  
cholesterol :( after finishing 2 bottles ;P

Spread generously this sweet creamy coconut-ty taste concoction on warm toast...pair up with black coffee and half boiled egg (add a dash of soy sauce and white pepper)...  there you have it... a typical Malaysian breakfast.


  1. Looks delicious. I never thought about coconut jam. Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for dropping by Keith. Since Malaysia has abundance of coconut, so jam it is ;)

  2. Is this like Malaysian version of custard? Sounds delicious. I have heard "Kaya" but never made it myself. I would love to try it soon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You are right, Shihoko, its like custard but sweeter, thicker with rich creamier coconut taste.

  3. Ooh! My dream come true! I love jam and I love coconut too! This sounds awesome!

  4. Hm... made rather like lemon curd, but with the flavor from molasses and coconut cream! Very different, for me, and sounds delicious.

    1. After failing at my first attempt, I decided to make Kaya just like making lemon curd ;)

  5. I have never tried or heard of kaya but this looks super good! Can't wait to try it!

  6. Hello Kaya! You are going on my to make list. Cause it would really make my taste buds happy. YUM!!!


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