Apple Butter or Apple Jam

February 21, 2017

Homemade apple jam recipe.

Apple butter

What is Apple Jam or Apple Butter?

Apple Jam also known as apple butter, without any butter added nor its creamy.
Why it is called apple butter? not apple jam?

Apple butter goes back to the Middle ages era.
The roots of apple butter started in Europe, with monasteries having lots of apples.
Making apple butter is the best way to use and conserve fruits for monasteries.

A glance at the list of ingredients below, you will not see any butter added.
Its only called "butter" because of the soft-thick butter-like consistency.
Easy to spread onto your toast.

Homemade apple jam

How to Make Apple Butter

Another reason why it is called apple butter, is because of its cooking process.

It is cooked over an hour or so, over slow heat until its thick. 

Short cooking time ... the end result is apple sauce!
Long cooking time ... the end result is apple butter!
Apple cider vinegar is added for that extra tartness.

Homemade Apple Butter Recipe

I dabbled in making apple butter/ apple jam... well I am trying very hard not to use butter but....
just because I have plenty of apples in my fridge.

Seems like everyone in this house had enough of apples (unless its for juicing or apple pie..... which reminds me , its been awhile since I make apple pie :) )

Due to some dental issues ie sensitivity... I too prefer not to eat apples any more. Love the crunch but it hurts like h***!!!

Easy apple butter

How to Store Apple Butter?

With proper care in bottling Apple butter/ Apple jam, can last you, at least a month. 

Testimony : I made this batch on 20th January, and today 21st February (as I am typing this post), its still looks good, taste good.

Don't think I can stretch any further than a month!

Only one or two tablespoons left :D

I use this apple butter as filling to my Apple Pie Macaron 

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Homemade apple jam recipe. Apple jam or also known as apple butter, marvellous to serve with scones or just spread on buttered toast.