Lemonade Scones

October 19, 2020
The only and the best scones recipe, ever!!
Basic scones recipe

What is scone?

A scone is a baked goods made of plain flour, baking powder (self raising flour is sometimes used), and baked on a pan sheet.

It is often served with jam and cream.

Lemonade scones recipe

Are scones and biscuits the same?

Scones were said to be from Scotland and gained its popularity among English in the 18th and 19th century.

Biscuits were said to be from south of America.

Both use almost same ingredients; flour and fat to form a dough.

Scones are richer and dense compared to light and flaky American biscuits.

Scones are served with jam and cream or clotted cream with tea, while American biscuits are served with soup or gravy.

How to bake good scones?

Printable list of ingredients and steps can be found in the recipe card below.

sieve plain flourAdd baking powder
1) Sieve plain flour and baking powder twice or thrice.
Sieve if you opt to use self raising flour!

Add salt to dry ingredients
2) Add a pinch of salt to the sifted flour

Add thickened cream
3) Add cream.
I used thickened cream.

Add lemonade
4) Add carbonated drink or lemonade.

Mix with butter knife
5) Mix with butter knife 

Scones made with lemonade

What is the secret to making a good scones?

The secrets : the lemonade and not to over mix the dough.

How do you knead the scones?

By using a spoon or a butter knife. Mix by chopping method as per video.

homemade lemonade scones

What to serve scones with?

I love to have my scones with strawberry jam and cream.

Lemonade scones goes well with apple butter and kumquat marmalade too.

The best scones I had was at The Shard, London.
They serve their scones with clotted cream and jam.

Best way to store leftover lemonade scones?

Scones are best served immediately.

However, if you are not able to finish them all, best keep the scones in an air tight container.

These lemonade scones stays soft and light even after the third day in the larder.

Just heat them in the microwave for at least 30 second on High before eating.

Scones serve with strawberry jam and cream

Best Lemonade Scones Ever!!!

Honestly, this is the best scones recipe (from AWW) I have come across.
The scones are light and fluffy, plus it is easy to make and bake.

Just a quick note

If you are using self raising flour, just omit the baking powder.
Otherwise you will end up with metallic taste scones.

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Easy to Follow Video

Best recipe for fluffy, soft lemonade scones. With 4 basic ingredients used. Best serve with strawberry jam.

Old Post written in 2011

Lemonade scones are worth your while, baking it :D

I have this habit of jotting down what I've cooked and when I cooked/baked something, in my little Notebook... it can be cumbersome and annoying but I know I can be a forgetful person at times... most of the times...  hehehe... and its easy to refer to at a later date...

Seems that annoying habit paid off recently.... 
H has been hinting that its been awhile since I last bake scones.... unsure... and didn't want to argue... all I could say was 'errrr... I think so' while in my head I was doing a 180 degree turn and thinking... 'Didn't I just bake some recently?'.

Quietly...  I referred to my Notebook, and guess what? H was right. September 2009 was the last time I baked scones... time sure flies. Not wanting to keep him waiting for another 2 years...that same weekend... I made strawberry jam and baked him scones... and this was 2 weeks ago.

Last Saturday, we went out for our coffee/tea at one of Gloria Jeans' outlet... we ordered Macadamia slice and a slice of Maltesers cake... sat down, and while enjoying our quiet moment (without kids..), H said ...
H:  did you see the scones?
me:  No... why?
H:  Its huge.... I was tempted ... but I bet they aren't as light and delicious... as the ones you baked.
me:  oh really...   at the same time feeling proud hehehe...
awwww.....Isn't he a darling?   or he is trying his best to tell me subtly... to bake him more scones??? naughty naughty me for having such evil thoughts...  or 
Shall I bake him scones every 2 years to get such 'sweet' and lovely compliment  again..


  1. Lisa, your scones looks delicious beautiful. Thanks for reminding me, I had not baked scones for quite sometimes.

  2. your writing is soo hilariously cute! the emoticons just add to it :) Lovely scones too!

  3. These scones are beautiful. They look very nice and fluffy. Yum!

  4. I want a few for my breakfast now! They look so fresh and tempting!

  5. aawww so sweet :) But seriously time flies but making note of everyday meal is amazing .. actually quite like the idea. !
    These scones look lovely and I should make some soon :)

  6. Whoaaa!!! Feel like i wanna 'ngap'
    them all...tq for sharing..allow me to link ur blog in my blog...easy to copy n plagiat...hehehehe...tqvm

  7. Between you and me, the same is happening with Vijay and I.

    I seldom repeat recipes due to coming up with content for the blog and since I only cook at most twice a week, it's been more then a year since I made a burger for him. He keeps bringing it up whenever I asked him what he wants for lunch/dinner... poor soul. >:)

    Not a fan of scones but yours do look soft and fluffy, good for H!

  8. Beautiful scones! That is one of my favorite afternoon tea treats.



  9. I love scones and I really want to make them from scratch at home (I've tried scone mix etc). I hope to try this recipe one day soon. If I want to add cranberries (my fav), is it okay to include them without breaking the balance? Sorry it's basic question but I rarely bake and no idea! Hehee waiting to see your favorites! ;-)

  10. I know, bathing in sweet moments, time flies : ).
    No doubt why gentleman has been so obsessed because your scones look really gorgeous.

  11. Amelia
    Time to indulge in scones... :D


    Thanks Zoe

    OK will email some to you ;)


    Ngap all you want Chah..
    Boleh link... no problem, kalau c n p tu, warwar balik ke sini ya ;P

    There are so many recipes to try...kan and yet so little time :D

    mine too :D

    I have eaten scones with sultana before... so yeah its OK to add cranberries if you wish... I bet it'll taste good :)

    Thank you :D...

  12. Those are such beautiful scones, so tall and fluffy looking. Now that's a great way to start the day.

  13. Love your writing, its more personal and fun, the scones look fluffy and soft. And H is such a sweet person. Love the posts.

  14. Lisa, what type of cream did you use. They look like my grandma's. Thanks for sharing!

  15. its so hard to get good scones outside fr the shops.. yours looks so good! Btw, aerated lemonade, do u mean whisked lemonade or lemonade from a siphon?

  16. Sylvie
    awww... thank you Sylvie :D


    I used 300ml double cream (250ml used in the recipe and 50ml whipped to peak and serve)

    Swee San
    Aerated lemonade ~ I used soft drink 'Schweppes' lemonade or any gassy/carbonated lemonade :D
    Happy trying swee san

  17. Lisa! Thanks so much for this recipe! I've bookmarked it even before going through the steps because I trust your recipe that much that it's simple, doable and delicious! Hehe...

    I tried making scones in July for the first time but it was a fail cause it was quite stiff and didn't rise high enough, sigh. Could it be because I accidentally used expired self raising flour and over mixed? Haha... I didn't realise until after! I will give it ago again during the holidays and hopefully it'll turn out well this time hehe. Thanks again! =)

  18. Hmm, it must have been about two years ago that I last made scones too and they were certainly not the best I ever had either! Which means I am going to be tempting to make your recipe soon! Looks gorgeous!

  19. Winston
    Excellent.... try and try again... :D


  20. they look great, i'm not surprised when he said that the batch that you made earlier was better than gloria jeans's ones. i really like the crops and the set up here for the picture taking!

  21. oh wow, now I'm def going to be making this for hubby when he wakes up. Its saturday here in melbourne, so might surprise him with these lovely scones. Thanks lisa!

  22. I'd love some right now with my coffee. they look esquisite! gorgeous clicks lisa!

  23. Love the scones, they look so nice and fluffy!! Like your presentation and clicks too :)

  24. lena
    LOL... I think he is being polite ;P

    that would be a nice surprise for him :P

    Baker Street
    Thanks Anu :D

    Ah Tze
    awww.... thank you *blushing' :D

  25. They look so beautiful! Awesome clicks!

  26. wow these look just perfect and jam heavenly

  27. I only have thickened cream in the fridge, can i use that instead of the double cream. Will it make any difference?

  28. Tuuyen
    I used thickened cream as it is known here... Fat content about 35%... Happy baking :)

  29. Hi Lisa, I stumbled across your blog through TasteSpotting. Great scone recipe, worked out so well!! The only problem is that I don't think I've made enough!