Homemade Kalguksu

January 20, 2021

Handmade knife cut noodle is also know as Kalguksu in Korea.

What is Kal guksu?

Kal guksu ( 칼국수) or sometimes written as kalguksu literally translate to knife noodles, or in plain english, it is knife cut noodles.

Kalguksu is served with broth or soup.

There are varieties of guksu, like dak kalguksu (chicken noodles soup), seafood kalguksu and many more.
Making note to self to make these many varieties of kalguksu!

 Kal guksu

How to Make Kalguksu?

Kalguksu is a mix of wheat flour, salt, oil and water. 
And to make a good kalguksu, is very much depending on the ratio of the wheat flour and water.

Printable recipe and instruction on "How to Make Korean knife cut noodles", can be found at the end of this post.

Making Kalguksu using step by step photos

1. Plain flour with salt
 Making Kalguksu

2. Add oil and water
 Making Korean noodle

3. Mix to form a dough then rest for 30 minutes
 Kalguksu uncooked dough

4. Divide into 4 and roll to a thin layer.
 Kalguksu recipe

5. Cut into thin (or thick) strips
 Kal guk soo

6. Cook for 2 minutes in hot boiling water.
 Boiling kalguksu

7. Serve 
 Kalguksu Korean knife cut noodle

What to serve with Home made Kalguksu?

Handmade noodles, kalguksu, can be served either with hot soup (either chicken soup or seafood soup) during cold winter months.

Kalguksu can be served as summer dish with chilled pine nut soup (Jatguksu 잣국수). 

If you are a K-drama fan, then the chance of you watching Korean drama, Start-up, and if you are a foodie like me, you will be smitten over a bowl of pine nut kalguksu. 

Watch this space as my next will be about Pine nut Kalguksu!

 Homemade korean noodles

How long can I keep Kalguksu for?

I seriously do not recommend keeping kalguksu even overnight!
They get soft and gluggy.

Kalguksu is best served on the day, and to be served immediately.

 Korean drama Start up pine nut kalguksu

My other Korean food that you may wish to try!

 Korean kalguksu 칼국수


 This handmade knife cut noodle is also know as Kalguksu in Korea. Excellent to serve with either hot or cold soup.


  1. Could you make the dough ahead of time and leave it in the fridge for a few days before rolling it out and cooking it??

    1. Hiya,
      I have yet to try to make this kalguksu dough ahead of time.

      Just like any dough that I have made before (bread and pizza dough), its doable, as long as you either wrap tightly in clingwrap or place in a bowl and cover the bowl.

      Thank you for asking, makes me want to experiment making dough ahead of time:)

  2. Hi Lisa, so I made the dough and the cooked noodle were a little pasty. Could this be because the dough was too soft(wet)? It's similar to the consistency I use when I'm making Indian rotis.

    We still enjoyed the food though.(chicken Chop Suey) Thanks for the guidance. I thought it would take more effort so i was pleasantly surprised.
    Stay well
    Janice in South Africa.

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thank you for your feedback.

      Sorry that it was a bit pasty for your liking.
      Just like bread, we may have to adjust water content (add water about 85 to 95 percent).
      It should be like soft dough but not wet.
      When I make bread/ noodles I sometimes need to hold back adding water (at times add more), the moisture in flour can vary from batch to batch.

      Glad you enjoy your chicken chop suey :)

      Take care ~ Lisa


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