Korean Pine Nut Kalguksu

January 27, 2021
Jat-guksu (잣국수) or Pine Nut Kalguksu, it's Korean knife cut noodles served in pine nut broth or soup. 
Jat-guksu (잣국수)

Korean Drama "Start-up" and Pine Nut Kalguksu

I am not shameful to admit that I have become one of those middle aged ladies that loves to watch Korean drama on Netflix.

I could binge watching Korean dramas, one after the other, especially the Korean dramas in the Joseon era.

But what I love watching most is the food that has become part of the scenes in those K-dramas.

This Jat-guksu (잣국수) or Pine Nut Kalguksu is one of those food that makes me want to get up and make them!


What is Pine Nut Kalguksu?

Gapyeong, South Korea must the place where they grow pine nut trees (are they call tree? or plant?) in abundance.
Therefore, Gapyeong, is "the" place where Jatguksu (pine nut noodle soup) is famous for.

Pine nut kalguksu is basically, noodles (either homemade or those dried store-bought noodles) served with pine nut soup.
It is serve as cold dish, hence, makes an excellent dish to serve in summer.

Jatguksu is very easy to make and the taste is different from other noodles I have tasted.

 Gapyeong pine nut kalguksu

How to Make Pine nut Kalguksu?

There is a printable list of ingredients and method at the end of this post.

However, I will go through the simple steps in making pine nut soup and noodles.

1) pan roast pine nuts till golden brown.
 pan roasting pine nuts

2) Add pine nuts and rice milk into a blender and blend until smooth.

3) Refrigerate at least for 4 hours (I refrigerate mine for at least 12 hours for the flavour to develop)

4) The next day, make homemade Korean noodles
 Handmade knife cut noodle

5) Boiled some eggs, cut some tomatoes, pan roast black sesame seeds and julienne some cucumber.
 pan roast black sesame

6) Arrange noodles in a bowl, pour in the pine nut soup and garnish with boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber and sprinkle some black sesame seeds

 Pine nut milk and noodles

How Does Pine nut Kalguksu taste like?

It was my first time cooking and eating Jatguksu, but I can assure you it will not be my last!

Taste-wise : I love the soup, I could drink the soup on its own.

The pine nut soup itself is creamy, rich with a little hint of sweetness (perhaps sweetness coming from rice milk ~ I used organic, no sugar rice milk)

Noodles goes very well with the pine nut soup. 
I cannot imagine having pine nut soup with anything else.

 recipe with pine nuts

How to serve Pine nut Kalguksu?

I much prefer to have my Jatguksu cold, so I would avoid serving with any meat.

Having them cold, you will have those refreshing and 'clean' taste of both soup and noodles, it is not bland but clean, without any clump of chicken fat or oily taste to it.

If you really wish to add some meat, I would suggest cold chicken meat, preferably cooked in salted boiling water then shred to chunky pieces.

Serve pine nut kalguksu with some kimchi and cucumber namul (quick cucumber stir-fry).

Other Korean Food 

Food that I cooked from tv shows!

Sanjeok ~ from Running Man, Korean variety show
BibimBap ~ again from Running man
Korean Fried Chicken ~ in almost all of Korean drama, I guess this is Korean staple finger food :D


Jat-guksu (잣국수) or Pine Nut Kalguksu, it's Korean knife cut noodles served in pine nut broth or soup.  Inspired by Korean Drama, 'Start-up'.


  1. This looks good, I want to try it so bad..

  2. I'm so glad I found your site! I love Kdramas and Kdrama food. I learned to make ttetebokki because of A Business Proposal. And I love trying new things! Thanks for posting. 🥰

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for visiting :)
      I have yet to watch A Business Proposal.
      Tteokbokki is one of our favourite mid week dinner :)

  3. I as actually just finished this episode of Start-Up and immediately looked up this dish! In the show, he blew on the noodles to cool it down, which made me think it was a hot noodle dish. Would I simply warm up the pine nut milk to try it as a hot dish?

    1. Hiya,
      Yes you can definitely heat up the pine nut soup to have it with noodles :)


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