June 07, 2013


First attempt... back in 2010, and has only 4 or 5 ingredients...

I was new to Korean food back then... aiyoh...I blamed it on my kids for watching too much Korean dramas. Kids watched how the drama unfold but I watched what the actors/actresses eat...whatever they ate, even when they  sloppily slurped hot bowl of noodles, always looks good and yummy...

Ooops... I am going off topic

First attempt lacked of "something" ... using 4 or 5 ingredients doesn't make Kimchee anywhere near the authentic "Real Deal' stuff...
Since then, H and I, been experimenting few times using recipes found on blogsphere.

...and my numero Uno Kimchee eater aka D, would passed comments like ~

'...Mom, its too salty'... 'its not hot enough'... 'too much garlic' 

its always this or that. But he will eat them nevertheless. 

Korean pickled cabbage

We stopped browsing the net, when we found one recipe from Kitchen Wench (sorry her blog is off line now)

... our Kimchee story did not end there... we have another hurdle to jump, faced with another stumbling block...

"where can I get Korean Chilli powder or Gochugaru in Perth????"

The Asian grocer, minutes away from my house, dont stock them. The other grocer, located 20km away ,  have it, but it comes in 5 kg bag... but... I only need less than 1 cup *sigh*

So I improvised... I substitute Gochugaru with hot paprika and chilli powder instead.
.... and it worked well.

 'this is your best kimchi....' 
uttered D... the 'hantu' kimchee ('hantu' in this context means monster ie like Cookie Monster) 


I'd like to believe ... that our quest for a good kimchee recipe is finally over.


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1 whole Chinese cabbage or Wong bok
¾ to 1 cup of salt

1 heap tablespoon glutinous rice flour
½ cup water
3 tablespoon hot paprika
3 teaspoon chilli powder (add more if you want some heat)
½ cup fish sauce
2 tablespoon caster sugar
5 cloves of garlic
1 inch of ginger
½ red onion
¼ nashi pear*see note 
  1. Cut away the stem, separate and washed thoroughly each leaves making sure no dirt or sand trapped within the leaves.  
  2. Using a large basin (preferably the square shape basin) lay the leaf flat at the bottom and sprinkle with salt.
  3. Continue until all leaves are salted through. 
  4. Put it aside for 4-5 hours. 
  5. By the end of the 5 hours, the leaves should be in ‘wilted’ form and soft. 
  6. Wash off the salt thoroughly by rinsing with cold water twice or thrice. 
  7. Squeeze out the excess water.
Making Kimchee paste...
  1. Mix glutinous rice flour with water in a pot over low heat. 
  2. Stir continuously into a thick paste (just like goo). 
  3. Put it aside to cool.
  4. Blend pear, onion, ginger and garlic with fish sauce.
  5. Add pear mix, sugar, chilli powder and hot paprika into the glutinous goo. Mix well.
  6. Using a silicon brush (or fingers), spread the chilli paste onto each leaf, making sure that every inch of the leaf is covered with the sauce.
  7. Store in an airtight container, and place in the cool dark place (pantry). 
  8. And after 3 days, kimchi is ready for consumption.
  9. Keep refrigerated 
*note : must use nashi pear, other pear just don't give that same taste...


  1. It looks good....must be nice!
    Haven't try before.......

  2. Absolutely scrumptious! That is something I really enjoy eating.



  3. Hi there,
    Just one question.. is it glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour? I'm just wondering if glutinous rice can turned into a goo like paste. I'm drooling big time looking at your gorgeous kimchi by the way and thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thank you Shereen for spotting my typo :)

  4. Thanks for the tip on the pears! I've gotta make this. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Made it last night as my son-in-law has been asking me to make kimchee and your recipe appeared. I saw the readymade tubs in the shops but am a bit worried about them as they are in plastic containers.

  6. Thank you for the great recipe. I really enjoy kimchee, especially the spice (chilli pepper and paprika. Off I go to the market :)

  7. I am going to try this for sure and I am totally confident that it will taste really well.