Apple Pie Macarons

March 22, 2017
Apple pie macarons using apple tea to give the macaron shells, a subtle hint and taste of apple.
Apple pie macarons recipe

It's ok, I get it! You just want the macaron recipe!
Scroll past my stories to the end of this post, you will find my printable recipe.

My Stories of Macarons

I guess I will never be done with baking macarons.
Its Apple Pie Macarons with Apple butter that I made in my previous post.

This is my 7th type of macarons, in my macaron baking 'repertoire; :D.

Apple pie macarons with apple butter

Tips on how to Bake Macarons with Feet!

There are some tips on each blog posts on how to bake a successful Macarons

My first ever macaron was Chocolate Macarons (an obvious choice :P ~ a failed bake). Hence I did not blog about it, just a quick note and photo.

My second was the Green Tea Macarons ~ I blogged about my many failed attempts and the 'Do's and Don'ts" in macaron baking

Moving on the 3rd, Lavender Macarons, inspired by spring in Perth and the heavenly lavenders scents wafting in the air, growing happily in my garden (the old abode).

My 4th was the quirky taste macarons as my daughter put it. It was December, what else would inspire one to bake such a quirky taste macarons!
Gingerbread Macarons were baked!

After that quirky 4th flavoured macarons, I took leave from baking anymore macarons.

Macarons with apple jam
After 3 years (more or less), I became curious of how the 'Real' macarons would taste like.

Perth is considered 'small' city, we do not have Laduree or big guns selling macarons.
Perhaps one or two odd coffee shops that sells some, but then again, what's real and what's not!

I decided to learn from one of the best in Perth, an executive pastry chef.
He is phenomenal.
It was from the class that I learned how to bake 'THE real deal' macarons.

Apple pie buttercream

Bite size macarons

My Secret to a successful Macaron baking

My 5th macaron baking is my best macaron by far. It is the salted caramel macarons. 

The salted caramel macarons, which I baked has a slightly different taste to José Maréchal version of Salted Caramel Macarons

I had very positive feedback on my Salted Caramel macarons, all the time, every time:).
I learned to use egg white powder!
Using egg white powder offers a lot more flexibility to flavour the shells, like these little sweet morsels Jasmine Green Tea Macarons
And that was my 6th macaron baking :D

How to Bake Apple Pie Macarons?

My 7th macaron baking were these gorgeous sweet bites. 
These Apple Pie macarons was inspired by the Apple tea, I received as a gift from Japan.

The macaron shell was infused with Apple tea. 
It has a very subtle flavour, not too strong taste of tea. 

I didn't not add any colours to Apple pie macaron shells, its all au naturel :)

The baked caramel colours of the Apple pie macaron shells depicts the Apple pie as well as good to hide any oven 'hot spot' marking.  

Apple tea infused macaron shells

How To Store Macarons?

I have always keep my macarons in an air tight container and keep it the freezer section.

You can keep only the macaron shells or filled macarons.

Take them out from the freezer and place in the refrigerator for few hours before consuming.

How long can I freeze them for?

I have tried freezing them for 3, 4 and 6 months. 3 months is the max, after that they loose their crusty and crispiness.

Apple pie filling macarons

Note : I used 3 bags of apple tea steeped in half a mug of hot boiling water for at least 10 minutes.

Apple pie macarons with apple pie buttercream and apple butter.


  1. Almond meal? egg white powder? i'm so skeptical to try this recipe...


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