Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday ~ Our Sweetie Pie...

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Chocolate Macarons for her school mates
Today's post will not be about food and recipe (save it for my next post)... it will be about my Sweetie Pie ~ E. 
You guessed it right....  the photo above... absolute giveaway!!!...winking
My Sweetie Pie is another year older

Oh Gosh!!! Time flies... it sure feels like it was just yesterday... for the first time, I craddled her sweet smelling, fragile little body up next to mine... with her teeny-weeny head could just fit the palm of my hand... her foot was just about the width of my two fingers... and the labour pain that still gives me 'The Shivers' down my spine...

Oh... yes... She is a definite bundle of joy, a dynamite... amazing to see her bloom...from her boyish baby dresses that was because of hand-me-down clothes from D... , from crop short hair to tresses...

She is our livewire... a rainbow to our gloomy days,   a breath of fresh air...  grace our everyday life with her sweet, mischievous, caring, loving and forever with a smile on her face...

And here she is... 14 years later 

We Love you
May GOD bless you everyday
Enjoy .... Have a Wonderful Day